Single Horse Of Truth

Forgive me. I’ll read that again.
For service to the Single Source Of Truth, Dear Leader Jacinda duly takes a knee to receive her reward from HRH Sausage Fingers for just devoutly following and passing on orders. The King was heard to reminisce, “Mummy loved horses.”

Forgive the grammatical mistake; a hangover from childhood when humour was free and unfettled before the days of cultural Marxist equine regulation were imposed to save us straying from the paddock of constraint. Yes, it is true, the following is an example of the terrible kind of depraved humour we were subjected to…
Derek & Clive Live
‘Ladies and gentlemen, all of us know, or at least realise, how terrible it must be to be blind: deprived of sight, unable to read. This is perhaps the greatest loss to the blind person. I am blind but I am able to read thanks to a wonderful new system known as ‘Broil’.
I’m sorry, I’ll just feel that again…’

Thankfully, there are today hate crime, thought crime and wrong speak laws and regulations to protect us from such dastardly influence. Praise be upon our Dear WEF Leaders.

Additional information on our Dear WEF Leaders…
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