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Nuclear Profit

To nuke or not to nuke? That is one question. To Tactical Nuke or Smart Tactical Nuke, is another.
GOO : Government Of Occupation… coined by David Scott at https://www.ukcolumn.org/
U7 : https://g7u7.org/

This intelligence is an exclusive from TAP MI5½ agent Pete Fairhurst 002; code name ‘Fairy’; sourced not for sexual orientation, but inspired by Wigan real man northern rugby league town origins.

A tactical nuke is one that takes a short series of actions with the aim of achieving a massive profit for the US industrial military complex. There is literally zero evidence that it actually works, but nobody seems to mind about that.

A Smart Tactical Nuke is basically the same as an ordinary tactical nuke; the difference being that it is a hologram, known as a holygram in some holy quarters; it doesn’t really exist. This saves massively on empty metal tubes, making it even more profitable for the MIC

To order 10 of each, please send your full dispatch address and your email, plus a cheque for $200,000,000 to:
The Death Corporation,
Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon Technologies, Tactical Nukes Division
P.O. Box Black Hole
Washington D.C.
Not the USA

As soon as your cheque clears then we will dispatch:
10 large metal tubes to your dispatch address via DHL
10 holy hologram log-on passwords to you via email.

Good luck with your mass murder plans, you’re going to need it.
As a trusted and valued customer then, we at The Death Corporation sincerely hope that those damn commies don’t blow you to kingdom come before you can come back and place another order with us.

After your cheque has cleared then watch this by Scott Ritter today:
“None of it works!!”




21 Responses to “Nuclear Profit”

  1. ian says:

    Loved it Ned. Brilliant humour.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thanks Ned! Brilliant cartoon. I’m honoured, first time ever that I inspired a cartoon!

    Btw, my TAP MI51/2 code word is “fairy” . It fits well with the history of the organisation. But in my case it’s not inspired by my sexual orgientation, its derived from my Wigan origin surname. Tough old northern rugby league town where men are men

    The locals particularly despise effete, southern, born to it aristocrats that show up. Eric Blair, aka, George Orwell springs to mind. They particularly despised him for some reason

    • NPP says:

      Done…. yours truly, softy southerner Gooner; though not so soft..

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Thanks Ned, top man

        Gooners ain’t soft in my experience that’s for sure. I have a gooner friend living locally to me here oop north [they seem to get everywhere, a bit like scousers]. Anyhow I always shout out to him “Up the Arse!”. Every time I see him. This doesn’t usually disconcert the local Yorkshire folk, although I do get the odd quizzical look

        Although Roy Keane wasn’t impressed, I seem to recall something about prawn sandwiches? Certainly the Toffees crowd is more hostile, always has been but confined to the pitch, not the terraces. Hope we don’t lose that if we ever get into the new stadium

        • NPP says:

          I have written to Arsenal complaining about the knee-bending to no answer.
          I used to always receive a reply from the club before. Times have changed.

          I love the story that the Yids called us Gooners (Gunners to Goon…) to insult us because they felt Yids was an inappropriate term.
          Apparently, rather than take offense, we embraced the slur & proudly call ourselves Gooners. That’s a lovely lesson in avoiding victimhood.

          Charlie George. When men were men.

          • pete fairhurst 2 says:

            Knee bending? That’s oligarchical billionaire owners for you. Bet they don’t bend the damn knee to anybody themselves. I suppose it signifies that the overpaid ball artists are industry slaves, rich slaves admittedly

            Good on the Gooners! Embrace and incorporate the insult and be proud. I didn’t know that thanks Ned, you never stop learning

            I’m proud to be a Blue too, despite our current travails. We are founder members of the Football League and the club with the most seasons in the top flight, several ahead of Villa who are next. We’ve only played in second flight for 4 seasons in all that time

            My father in law was a Yid. In both senses of the word, Jewish and Spurs, he was from the East End, via Russia, Poland, Austria, Germany etc etc. His sister, who passed aged 97 in 2017, bless her, gave me a dictionary of Yiddish, of which she was proud. It is fascinating

            Yiddish was the common language of central/eastern European Jews, never Hebrew, that was just for religion. It is an incredibly rich and descriptive language, with so many words now incorporated into English. It’s a language to be proud of that’s for sure. Maybe that’s why I never saw Yid as an insult myself, it’s replete with humour too. Always best to laugh, the scousers unofficial motto

            My wife’s genealogy is incredible too. She’s got antecedents from across the planet, from everywhere that Jews gathered, pretty well everywhere. Including Jamaican pirates before the slaves were imported there! Knocks my English/Irish heritage into a cocked hat

            • NPP says:

              Short for Yiddish. Like Pakistani. I do not do weaponised word offense. I do loathe David Baddiel & ZOG.
              Gollywogg… no ‘racism’ in the origins at all as far as I can determine; just another weaponsied audio-phonetic.
              My Dad’s side of the family all look like 4 x 2’s. GGrandma was an East End London money lender, so could be. Where it was kosher central, it’s now Muslim central; Aldegate East etc…
              I don’t do God nor Darwin or space dust. Being a Gooner provides enough ups & downs.
              BLM. I have a note for an artwork: Biden’s Laptop Matters.

              Top flight the longest? I was glad to see Everton stay up by the skin of their teeth. I also have a soft spot for the Toon. I don’t know why. As a kid I had a cool good quality black & white stripe V-neck football top. I loved it. SuperMac? Maybe he linked the two clubs.
              I thought Arsenal were the longest running top flight club; never relegated. Cue arguement.

              • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                “I thought Arsenal were the longest running top flight club; never relegated. Cue argument.”

                Yes longest CONSECUTIVE number of seasons. But nowhere near our TOTAL number of seasons. Arse are comparative Johnny come latelys mate ;-)) We were founded 10 years before the first FL league season. A very rich heritage but hanging on by the skin of our teeth

                “GGrandma was an East End London money lender,”

                Same as my wife’s GGrandma! She was a money lender too. Were there any non-jewish money lenders in the East End? Bit of a clue there Ned. Maybe you are a GoonerYid ;-))

                “I do loathe David Baddiel & ZOG” Me too

                • NPP says:

                  Re: Yes longest CONSECUTIVE number of seasons. But nowhere near our TOTAL number of seasons.
                  So, I’m correct: longest run in the top flight!! Never been relegated. Nah nah na-na nah… rhymes with banana. Don’t tell Raheem Sterling.

                  Arse? Steady. That’s tempting audio-phonetic offense! Arse-ne Wenger. I thought he was the coolest…. until he declared himself a pro-€U everything that’s woke-ist twit.

                  As for the East End of London, So are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, tree-huggers all a race of people? Or are these religions/belief systems?
                  RFK Jr. is now having that dilemma thrust down his throat & currently proving as weak as Jeremy Corbyn, although a damned socialist, possibly the least ‘racist’ MP in the House. I wish my Great Grandma had taught her Grandson some capitalist principles. I had to learn that stuff myself. Mind you, ‘usury’ is not capitalism.

                  Declan Rice is ours, inshallah! I’d have taken Jude Bellingham, but Declan will do.

                • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                  Ha ha ha!

                  Yes longest run, but still Jonny come late mate. Never relegated is unique I expect. Best emphasis that, leave longevity to the fallen aristocrats

                  Jews aren’t a race at all Ned, they are a tribe. Anybody can be a Jew if they try hard enough. The tricky bit is the Bris for late coming men :-))

                  The East End was very Jewish in the old days but life moves on. I guess that the Jews mainly became richer and moved out. Not many poor Jews in the UK now I imagine, East End used to be full of them. But there is still a fabulous 24/7 Jewish bagel bakery on Brick Lane that sells wonderful saltbeef bagels if you are interested in a taste of the old EE. Barrels of pickled salted cucumbers and schmaltz herring are rarer than hens teeth though

                  Yes your G Grandma probably didn’t need to know much about capitalism, probs left that to her customers. My Grandad was Company Secretary in a Lancashire cotton Mill for 40 years or so after the Great War. So he knew his capitalist onions and, as a caring capitalist myself [they do exist, honest!] then, he could have taught me a lot. But he died when I was 7, on the Munich air disaster day in 1958. He married a mill girl with a 100% Irish heritage. Not a common choice for the bosses class in those days!

                  RFK is from the families, that’s all I need to know. It’s always totally rigged over there anyhow, he will only get in if the oligarchs want him in

                  I felt sorry for Jeremy even though he never had a chance. I had an oblique inside track on Momentum, Jeremy’s vehicle at that time, via my family. Even they knew that Jeremy couldn’t hack it. But it was so unfair to pin that on him. It was all cooked up by the Labour and Conservative Friends of Israel no doubt. Despicable ZOG indeed

                  Declan is good but no Patrick Viera, and certainly no Roy Keane. Good mates Pat and Roy weren’t they? Not!

                  Sounds like an Irish singing duo that. Ladies and Gents, give a big hand for, Pat and Roy and the Snarling Songsters

  3. NPP says:

    But he died when I was 7, on the Munich air disaster day in 1958…

    He was on the plane or just the same day?

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Not on the plane, same day! He was 70 and his life was shortened by a disease that he got in the trenches in WW2. He never went to the front, was artillery miles behind the lines. But still lived in trenches, very poor conditions in winter. .He was there for years too, did for him in the end

      He was luckier than most I suppose. Although the mental burden of artillery must have been hard to bear, knowing that you must have caused many lost lives

      I met him but never really knew him, mores the pity

      • NPP says:

        Same day is still, weird, strange, some how significant.

        War. Memorials. But, we don’t seem to understand nor learn.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          I agree Ned, it feels weirdly significant somehow

          History repeats. Over and over. That’s why the bad guys want to control the stories of history I suppose. To stop folk learning. The more that I learn then, the more that I realise that official history is often, even usually, bunk. Mostly, partial, very incomplete or lies. Every time I’ve looked in detail it’s been the same. I’m glad that I barely studied history at school, it means that I’m not tainted by the massive piles of lies that are stacked up and up on one another. And that I can use a more open mind in my judgements about what makes sense

          My bro read this thread last eve and pointed out that our grandad probably married our grandmother because she was pregnant! Doh, very likely! Although, as he said, we will never know now

          • NPP says:

            The Munich disaster was one of those news items that I grew up knowing. Black & white.

            Even as a Gooner, the best player was Best. It took a while for me to realise his real name was actually Best, not given the name because he was the best.

            I never really joined in 11:11 Remembrance. It felt ‘false’; giving energy to something dark & wrong? I memorised the 7 names on our village WW1 memorial for where ever I went in the world as my own private mark of appreciation & respect. I remain so disappointed at how easily my community disregarded their memory during covid1984.

            • pete fairhurst 2 says:

              I feel exactly the same too Ned, agreed all

              After I realised that historians are often liars then, I once did a statistical exercise to see if the total of Brit dead in WW2 were as high as claimed by historians.

              So, I counted all the names on my local war memorial and factored the number up by the ratio of my home town population at that time 1945, compared to the UK total. Came to over 900,000. Pretty well what the history books say

              My dad went over on D day and followed the front in his truck until the Armistice, he was a Morse code operator, not doing the fighting. He saw some terrible things. He impressed me and bro very fiercely when we were lads, with his anti war sentiments. Told us “never believe a flag waver son, they are mainly ignorant folk who never saw real war and it’s consequences”

              He gave me and bro his medals to play with as young kids. Had no use for them, didn’t really want to remember. He’d seen how we “area bombed” Hamburg, knew it was a war crime. He visited Belsen too, never would talk about that

              • NPP says:

                I was told by the widow that I may have been the last person to talk to this author :
                He cancelled our lunch appointment; wasn’t feeling strong enough & I never spoke to nor saw him again.
                He survived 5 x WWII camps because he volunteered for the typhus block.
                He affirmed many details I had questions about. He told me he had no issue with Germans, but with Americans e.g. after his last camp was liberated, it was an American plane that came over & shot all the survivors as they were walking from the camp.

                • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                  Bloody hell Ned! That makes sense to me

                  It fits with everything that I’ve learned since I took my “official” blinkers off

                  Seems that the conflagration is basically a post WW2 story, never mentioned until well after the war

                  Thanks for that I will have a look at the book

                  My old man never commented as far as I remember. Too painful for him I think. He saw what he saw, and it was deeply unpleasant. I’m sure that he would have been very shocked to learn what I now know. Glad he didn’t in a way, he had enough to bear as it was

              • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                “I remain so disappointed at how easily my community disregarded their memory during covid1984”

                A very, very, important point Ned. I felt terribly let down too. It all seemed so obvious to me. Maybe because I was already fully tuned out from the MSM and could spot propaganda a mile off. I even produced a pdf to document the obvious [to me] BS official story

                I gave it to as many folk as I dared. But it went down like a lead balloon, I lost several long term friends as a result. Hey ho, it had to be done, I couldn’t have lived with myself if I’d kept schtum [yiddish! ;-))]

                • ian says:

                  A difficult time for anyone who spotted it for the bullshit it was. I was harassed at the pub and stopped going. Every shop was a problem at first, but got easier as time went on.

                • pete fairhurst 2 says:

                  I found it even worse with the weaponised vaxx. Thank god my 3 adult children listened to me