Sanctions Drive Growth?

Russia’s economy could grow up to 2% this year -Putin
MOSCOW, June 16 (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin said Russia’s economy may grow by up to 2% this year as it bounces back from last year’s contraction in the face of sweeping Western sanctions.

Putin’s forecast for gross domestic product (GDP) growth is similar to those of other Russian authorities. The International Monetary Fund in April forecast Russian GDP at growth of 0.7%, up from 0.3% in a previous estimate, but lowered its 2024 forecast to 1.3% from 2.1%.

Putin was speaking at Russia’s flagship economic forum in St Petersburg….


… it seems the plan to isolate Russia has not worked out as NATO, the €U and collective West hoped.




4 Responses to “Sanctions Drive Growth?”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    The Empire shot itself down. The wests disconnect from reality is simply breathtaking. They took a massive, and incredibly stupid, gamble and it failed

    In a real democracy they would all have resigned months ago. No doubt about that

    But they just keep telling everyone that black is white. Escobar rightly calls it the Empire of Lies. They are mainly pathetic lies too, easily exposed

    • NPP says:

      My best friend of 50 years, German, international experience, financially very secure, very easy going, you’d think reasonably knowledgeable & aware, a son to my parents, said to me, ‘Anyone is better than Putin.’
      I realised in a very sad moment how clueless people can be.

  2. ian says:

    Doesn’t it look like the big families are behind these changes. Could Russia be free of them? I doubt it. I feel that the white West is collectively being destroyed because it is potentially the biggest threat to their NWO plans, and the most likely to rebel. To combat that, you destroy their culture LGBTQetc, Vax as many as poss’ with toxins, get as many immigrants as poss into their countries mostly men, brainwash girls into thinking it’s cool to have a foreign boyfriend. Destroy their economies by robbing them during the plandemic, and use any left over money on pointless foreign wars. Destroy the farms and food supply due to climate scam. Spray what food they have with toxins. ETC ETC

    • ian says:

      The Chinese, the Russians, Iranians etc will do as they’re told. They already live in strict top down societies. Take Britain, people were relatively free and starting to wake up with rallies teaching them. Top speakers, shared on TikTok and Twitter etc. Enter the climate protesters sticking their nipples onto roads and snooker tables where they were a nuisance to everyday folks , and so YES ban demonstrations and rallies, let the police decide, and let the police decide who can have a gun too. Problem solved for THE BIG GUYS. Bit by bit, we are being destroyed, with many distractions, and at a rate that doesn’t panic the prey.