Russian Nuke Bad. Tactical NATO Nuke Good.

So, what exactly constitutes a ‘tactical’ nuke as opposed to a conventional common or garden nuke?
A paint job of course!
Bombs away!

GOO : Government Of Occupation… coined by David Scott at
U7 :




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9 Responses to “Russian Nuke Bad. Tactical NATO Nuke Good.”

  1. ian says:

    love the tactical paint.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    A tactical nuke is one that takes a short series of actions with the aim of achieving a massive profit for the US industrial military complex. There is literally zero evidence that it actually works, but nobody seems to mind about that

    A Smart Tactical Nuke is basically the same as an ordinary tactical nuke. Difference being that it is a hologram, it doesn’t really exist. This saves massively on empty metal tubes, making it even more profitable for the MIC

    • NPP says:

      10 of each please, just to be on the safe & profitable side.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Thanks for the order Ned

        Please send your full despatch address and your email, plus a cheque for $200,000,000 to:

        The Death Corporation,
        Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, Raytheon Technologies, Tactical nukes division
        PO Box Black Hole
        Washington DC
        Not the USA

        As soon as your cheque clears then we will despatch,

        10 large metal tubes to your despatch address via DHL and,

        10 hologram log on passwords to you via email

        Good luck with your mass murder plans, you’re going to need it.

        As a trusted and valued customer then, we at the Death Corporation sincerely hope that those damn commies don’t blow you to kingdom come before you can come back and place another order with us

        After your cheque has cleared then watch this by Scott Ritter today:
        “None of it works!!”