Why is a Pound in weight referred to as Lb?  And why don’t we know?

The words ‘pound in weight’ come from the Latin phrase – Libra Pondo, with the Lb coming from Libra, and the Pound coming from Pondo.

The L in the £ sign also comes from Libra Pondo – and is the first letter of the word Libra meaning weight.

When the weight was money, it meant silver – and the Pound meant 16 ounces of sterling silver (92.5%).  Hence the Pound Sterling.

This word Libra is the same in Italian – Lira, and in French Livre, the old French currency.

As regards money in former times, pre-paper money, money was simply weight of silver.  Gold was also used for big transactions, but silver was the day to day money used, and a Pound of Sterling was the primary unit of currency (16 ounces – Oz coming from the Italian word for ounce)

If you had weight (of silver) you were not a slave, but a free man.
The word free in Latin is Liber, from which we get Liberty.  The concept of liberty is closely associated with possessing weight of silver.
The One World Digital Currency – the Unicoin – removes all Libra of silver from us, and at the same time, takes away our liberty to do as we please, with all our purchases and incomes tracked and controlled.
CBDC makes us all back into slaves.
The ancient language knows the truth, even if it has been hidden from us for centuries.
The symbol of liberty and justice is the scales, which weighed the silver.
People born in Libra are lovers of freedom.
Hold onto your silver.  Keep your Libra and save your liberty.
cartoon from –
The Spectator – 17April2023