Village Idiot Convention – UK Defence Sec’ Ben Wallace Guest of Honour

Speaking off camera an anonymous spokesman for the Norfolk Association of Village Idiots and Losers (NAVIL) said

“After a long discussion and much careful consideration we concluded that British Minister of Defence Ben Wallace would be invited as our guest of honour for his sustained lack of military success in Ukraine whilst simultaneously spaffing £billions up the wall with nothing but death, defeat and shame to show for it.”


“Of particular note and deserving of mention in despatches was his idiotic assertion reported by the BBC that “97% of the Russian army is now estimated to be in Ukraine”. Such obvious bollox immediately gained the respect of our membership, we welcome Ben to the fold.

“We also congratulate Honourable Idiot Ben Wallace for supplying his fellow fool Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Zelensky with the toxic depleted uranium now widely distributed over Europe. Losing the war, poisoning the air and contaminating the food chain now that’s beyond stupid, we feel that Ben an irresponsible fool will fit right in here. He is an inspirational role model and a shining example to all aspiring idiots”



4 Responses to “Village Idiot Convention – UK Defence Sec’ Ben Wallace Guest of Honour”

  1. ian says:

    It would certainly seem that way. The Radiation thing is predictable if true. I say that because it is fear inducing, and they like fear. If real, then it may be deliberate, and the elite will evacuate to a safe place. There certainly must be more than we know going on, as it is being ran like the Gallipoli campaign, ie designed to fail. It could be a way of destroying Britain and others economically while vastly enriching the arms companies, many of which will have shares held by those in charge. I’m still not happy that it is what they say it is.