The Blob Speaks


Sir Dick Cheaplove speaks for the Blob. Perhaps Dearlove should be called Cheaphate. What difference? He is a blob speaking on behalf of the Blob. It’s values our not ours. The Blob hates Russia and China while Russia and China are building relations and agreeing mutually beneficial trade deals within BRICS and beyond. The Blob still promotes the Russiagate theme which has been ‘officially debunked’ by the official John Durham enquiry within the US. But, it makes no difference; the Blob just dribbles out more war, war, war.

However, take heart; Sir Dick is not a happy bunny. His demeanour and words wreak of desperation verging upon resignation that he’s a loser on the losing side. Oh, they’ll try this, that and another tactic, effort, offensive to keep their plans alive, but they are losers. The Blob is just a blob devoid of light, love or compassion, destined to melt, fade, rot and die.

Sir Dick Cheaplove puts his modesty and humility aside to warn Russia and China. They are perceived as threatening the Blob’s value system. Cheaplove says, only another revolutionary change might rebalance brutal Vlad the Biolab Slayer. The Blob perpetuates the China lab-leak theory while ignoring the Ukrainian biolab network that Putin has found and terminated. That is not to dismiss Fauci and a ‘Gain of Function’ operation in Wuhan; they were apparently up to something nefarious with chemical formula and compounds.

As for National Conservative. They call themselves Conservative, but are not, just as does The Conservative Party.

If the artwork is confusing and ugly, it reflects the entity that is the Blob. As for BBC ‘disinformation correspondent’ Marijuanna, her Spring has sprung. She is clueless. I’d love to see her go face to face with Ryan Dawson or Scott Ritter or Ray McGovern or any number of serious analysts on 9/11 rather than The Light. The Light are a wonderful publication, but repeating the same old 9/11 rhetoric about aluminium planes and obsessing about how it was done rather than who did it, removes links to the perpetrators. The perpetrators are content for the Pentagon missile story to be told over and over and over again.

I recall listening to Eddie NightMair presenting BBC R4 PM, well before covid1984, his successor Evan Davis and the pet dog Mr. Whippy (oh dear God…) , and reporting on Trump, prostitutes, a Moscow hotel room and the unlikely showering habits of a germaphobe President. Even I, cooking in my kitchen far away from national intelligence information access, knew of the Steele dossier. Today the BBC have the audacity to serve up a Disinformation & Social Media Correspondent. Clown world continuum in the land of the Blob.

C’est la vie. Onward and up. Time for bed.