Stop? Ignore! It’s Just The Law.


Section 24 of the Immigration Act 1971 (D1)A person who— (a)requires entry clearance under the immigration rules, and (b)knowingly arrives in the UK without a valid entry clearance, commits an offence (and) (F1)…is liable (a)on summary conviction in England and Wales, to imprisonment…or a fine

Suella Braverman’s speeding fine was headline news on the BBC. I guess those who try to secure England’s border will risk condemnation by the global uniparty, UK division. Mrs. Braverman may have an Asian look about her, but we all know there’s a white supremacist lurking beneath her skin tone. Indeed, let’s cease all this fiddle-fannying around and invite the rest of the world’s population to England, provide them with free housing, phones, food and holidays abroad as and when they are in need of a respite. The indigenous population and all the immigrants of the last 100 years can be transported out; they are all racist xenophobics living on the back of colonial descent privilege, so let’s be buggered with the lot of them.

Ian Wright demonstrated the solution on the Graham Norton show sharing his understanding of how to make money using AI crypto trading:

No more silly work or labouring. We can make dirty old cash obsolete, have a mandatory meltdown of all gold and silver to make EV batteries and whatever additional machines are required to save the planet from evil Co2 while robots do all the work. We can scrap schools as education will be redundant and have all genitalia cut off or sewn up since the new born will not require all that sloppy messy mucky bodily fluid business; just plain clean design to order test tube-type incubators. We can rewild all agricultural land, feed the populous on tablets and powdered insect. Anyone wishing to experience gratuitous old fangled activity such as sex, can satisfactorily do so in virtual reality goggles.

In fact we can do away with messy old common law altogether since anyone stepping out of line will receive automated cautionary electric zaps and if need be, an instant life-removal pulse. The new rules based uniparty order will be just great.

What says the rest of you. A pretty good plan for a bright future, or not?

On the other hand, we could always secure our national borders.