New BBC Brand Verified To Falsify

Presented by Zebedee’s niece Marijuanna Spring. Boing! ‘Time for bed’, said Zebedee, ‘But, we’ll have a bedtime story first Marijuanna!’
‘Yippee!’, said Marijuanna who had just had a brand new false rabbit hole built in her very own BBC studio to observe white rabbits come and go, just like Alice.
She’s even going to have undercover accounts to infiltrate the ‘conspiracy’ world. Lying and deceiving for the truth! Her authenticity and integrity knows no bounds.

She mentions a newspaper. Would that be the very naughty hard copy publication The Light?
Marijuanna suspects The Light is directly funded by Putin who has his very own column and oversees all editorial decisions in this terrible, subversive rag that dares to question the safe and effective nature of the injection supplied by the holy pharmaceutical companies.
I have several back copies of The Light. Oh dear, I must be risking Marijuanna coming down my rabbit hole to accuse me of being a far-right denying conspirator. I’ll be so glad and relieved to have Marijuanna come verify my wrong-doings.

Marijuanna has been so accurate and on spot with covid1984, Ukraine, calling on and harassing Richard D. Hall and reporting on paedophile sculptors employed by the BBC, so she’s bound to make a huge impact on smashing through any false and fake news still undetected by her roundabout strategy. Yippee for Marijuanna Spring, the beacon of light to aspiring presstitutes.

I trust she’ll go after the very, very naughty UK Column News…

BBC verify:





4 Responses to “New BBC Brand Verified To Falsify”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I’m sure viewers will smile as did Russians reading Pravda. Once the government has to tell people that they are telling the Pravda, everyone knows they are not. Trust with the audience? That disappeared in 2003 when Blair’s dodgy dossier killed millions in Iraq. WMD. 45 minutes. The lies have only got bigger and more frequent since. Now comes the digital pound. A pound means a pound, in weight of silver, 16 ounces. How can an electronic record ever be the equivalent of a chunk of precious metal in your pocket? Verify that little lie, and I’ll be impressed. The promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of £1 is being quietly dropped……and the population is being robbed. No wonder they need to cover up.

    • NPP says:

      Actually, the whole UKC clip is among the most entertaining I’ve seen.
      She is so detached from reality, whether wittingly or unwittingly, the whole ‘New Brand’ is a joy to behold.
      Pravda BBC is exactly what it is.

      Blair WoMD. I honestly thought the public would wise up after that. Sadly, covid1984 proved otherwise. But still, BBC Verify is hilarious. She literally has a false rabbit hole in the studio.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I’ll listen to it later. I’m currently in a busy office. It looks hilarious so I’m glad it is.

  3. ian says:

    This will be the go to place for the hard of thinking. The establishment must hate the truth channels.