Sir Edwina Davey’s Penis Potential


I hardly know where to start. Vanessa Beeley from Syria, live on UK Column News Extra, commented that England appears to be Monty Python. Indeed, perhaps I should be drawing Sir Edwina Davey with something akin to a python penis, or the Dead Parrot Sketch with a…. but, I’m trying to remain within the realms of restraint to maintain TAP Henry’s aspirations to decency.

We now have the leaders of the 3 ‘main UK political parties openly declaring their confusion about the definition of a woman. Sunak, Starmer and now Davey. Oh God, my country is screwed. I can’t immediately find the shortened penis comment clip, but it does lay herein…

28mins in
Mary from Cambridge, “What is a woman please?”





One Response to “Sir Edwina Davey’s Penis Potential”

  1. ian says:

    It’s all part of the destruction of our societies, way of life, traditional culture, etc. That no-one dare call the culprits out indicates who might be behind it. Clue, we’re not the first culture they have destroyed. Given that they control governments and the dissemination of information, makes it difficult if not impossible to counter. That these clowns are prepared to debate what a woman is, is just ridiculous, and cowardly. Any 14 year old boy with a wank mag, or phone equivalent will tell you what a woman is. Totally insane, and sorry for the crudity.