OBGynes were paid $11 million to kill pregnant women and babies

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The US Government paid the College of Ob-Gyns over $11 million to force COVID vaccines on unsuspecting pregnant women

What do you call such a heinous crime? How can the conspirators be brought to justice?

Hat tip to Maggie and Jim Thorp for uncovering this.

The US government knew by February 2021 at the latest about the disaster the shot was, especially when used during pregnancy. But it carried on nonetheless. As did its ‘bought’ handmaiden (the ACOG) and so many other ‘bought’ organizations.

Please help crowdsource the investigation into the thousands of other entities that were paid off by the US government to overwhelm us with all kinds of pressure to induce us to be vaccinated with dangerous experimental products. These quid pro quos must be uncovered. This was wanton criminality. Thanks.


One Response to “OBGynes were paid $11 million to kill pregnant women and babies”

  1. Gordon says:

    Ex Pfizer scientist Mike Yeadon says the vaccine was manufactured to kill and harm people. He wants Pfizer to take him to court for the allegations he makes as he knows he will win . But they won’t, I wonder why!

    WOW!!! SEE THIS.