Lib Dems For Dinner

Well, not literally, because that might imply cannibalism and Lib Dems might accuse Ted of inciting hate and or thought crime, being how sensitive and politically correct they are. But, surely, they are toast; no, I’m not implying we burn them, it’s a turn of phrase. Can you imagine having Sir Edwina at the helm of UK politics? We’d have to carefully negotiate and review the entire English language.

After Sir Edwina Davey’s chat with Nick Ferrari on LBC, Mary who called in to ask Sir Edwina to define what a woman is, ended the call declaring NO to voting for the Lib Dems. Was this a disaster for Edwina and his/her/their Lib Dem party? Goodness knows which pronoun Sir Edwina prefers.
Other parties should be having the Lib Dems for dinner. Reclaim, Heritage and the TEDs could certainly feast upon this moment and contribute to seeing off UK main political party No: 03. Both Tory and Labour leaders have fallen at this particular hurdle: what is a woman?! It is remarkable that such a question is even being asked of individuals who want to run the national economy and defense.

Ted is eating beef steak just to rub salt into the vegan wounds of the green Edwina. It’s white wine in the sauce, plus tomato, but there is red in the glass. The accompanying veg is seasonal asparagus and sautéed potato. This Ted eats meat!

A reminder

28mins in
Mary from Cambridge, “What is a woman please?”