I understand Cockney Rhymin’ was used in London’s East End to avoid the ears of enforcement over hearing and understanding. I use it here to demonstrate the appalling nature of today’s cultural Marxist infestation within society and my rhyming phonetic expletive so crassly put into the child’s thought bubble. I saw an online clip where a ‘Daddy’ literally said this to a child. We are so phucked-up, as has been frequently expressed by the Phooking Bird….
Remember Phooking Bird Song?
Ian R. Crane Bloke In A Field…

By the way, I once read that khunt is an anthropological term for a Himalayan tribe and hence, my favourite rude phonetic thereafter.

I then saw this…

… whereby language to avoid censorship is mentioned. It is mind boggling that YouTube censors audio phonetics such as ‘covid’. On another tangent, I am fascinated by the Norwegian paperclip story. I, of course, thought Operation Paperclip as soon as paperclip was referenced. I assume Andrew Bridgen is aware of Operation Paperclip; perhaps ironically very relevant to the jab issue.

Andrew is advocating the Paperclip Rebellion! I bet that’ll have the ADL crawling out of their hole to slander Bridgen as an anti-this & that-ite again. Paperclip! Nazis! etc…

An added extra. I painted the Rude Word Painting 2008 in Istanbul, curious to observe Turks such as my house cleaner and doorman, look at the colours while being oblivious to the ‘offensive’ language.

‘This painting contains rude words.
If you think you might be in the least a little bit offended I suggest you don’t look anymore.
P.S. If you can’t read English, you might like the colours.
It’s a very colourful language!’