John Kitson AV Smart Cities: 5G Digital Concentration Camps



Inspired by the Smart Cities live stream event 23 April. The presentations are available below to view on-demand:
Ex oil company executive Ian R. Crane gave up his conventional career to be a political activist living in a caravan. He produced daily videos, infamously ‘broadcasting’ from a field, sometimes in his car or occasionally on location, for example outside a court building. At least 84 of these broadcasts were chronicled in artworks Ned, titled ‘Bloke In A Field’. We present and share these visual memories which capture a brief period in time of Ian’s life, his acute observations, wit, humour and commitment to his activism and projects.




One Response to “John Kitson AV Smart Cities: 5G Digital Concentration Camps”

  1. newensign says:

    Of course NPP, Smart cities and more importantly 20 min cities, are to keep us in the 5G kill zone for longer as outside the 5G is not so effective and to prevent us access to more wholesome food from rural farms and small holdings!!