Ryan Dawson. 9/11. Whodunnit!

I spent £50 on Judy Wood’s beautifully produced book of codswallop. I also bought Rebekah Roth’s trilogy of codswallop. I watched Loose Change, who at least included the correct date. There are only 5 stills from the car park camera of the Pentagon plane because the camera was intended to photograph cars and people, not speeding jets. There were no holograms or energy weapons. It was an inside job and an excuse to go to war and kill so many innocent people while the perpetrators still today sit on TV screens pontificating about digital ID, mandatory injections, CBDCs, their rules based world order and our total submission to their insane carbon zero nonsense.

This man tells you who was involved. While others watch Queen Charlie seek the populous to swear allegiance to him, her, it, whatever the eco-fascist identifies as, you could do worse than watch and listen to Ryan.



The Empire Unmasked:




14 Responses to “Ryan Dawson. 9/11. Whodunnit!”

  1. ian says:

    I don’t need to watch the video. The Israeli art students unboxing detonators, the dancing Israelis, the stand downs tell me enough. I agree that Judy Woods book is a load of bollocks too.

  2. Steve Kettle says:

    Not watched it yet NPP but how does Ryan explain how a 3mm thick aluminium tube(a plane basically) can slice through 1″ thick steel columns with the nose cone aactually showing coming out of the other side of the tower? And how many rings of the Pentagon did the supposed plane travel through? Yet a collision with birds knackers the nose cone up…..

    • ian says:

      I agree with what you say Steve, especially the bird strike damage. No way would an aluminium plane or an aluminum one either for any Yanks, go into a steel framed building. However, the buildings were brought down with explosives and Thermite, and the rest might be deliberate distraction.

  3. NPP says:

    Thermite is a distraction.

    I can only say watch or don’t. I watched 9/11 live on the day while in Istanbul.

    Ryan Dawson knows this subject inside out, is friends with Scott Ritter, Ray McGovern, Larry Johnson, Gilad Atzmon et al, has been censored & removed more than most & ‘Fresh & Fit’ are giving him a platform to present his work.

    His pay to rent documentary linked above is 5 hours long. Here, he is free. He keeps his 5 hours behind a pay wall because his work is pinched & he has to earn a living.

    He answers your questions. I merely share the opportunity to learn from his hard work.

    • ian says:

      I suppose if you you are already painting Ned, which you do beautifully, I might add, then listening to Ryan drone on for two and a half hours might be ok. Not so good when you just have to sit and listen. I’ll give him a miss. Oh and if the thermite was a distraction, why was molten steel pouring down the building before it collapsed, and why did Nat Geographic and Mythbusters go out of their way to suggest it didn’t work..
      In addition, why do truth seeking then charge for it, Truthseeking to make money seems odd. Wouldn’t it encourage you to over elaborate. Who knows but it’s no from me.

      • ian says:

        Ned, please watch the little vid I linked in the first comment. It is interesting and fairly short.

        • NPP says:

          Ryan is a go-to on 9/11. Take heed or don’t. He’s knows better than you or I on this subject.

          On viruses & health, I’ll take my own heed over Ryan’s.
          Molten steel, thermite & Pentagon missiles are nonsense. He’s sharing his research & it is your choice to give him your time or not.

          I suspect David Icke will not post this to his website…. I’d love to be wrong.

          • ian says:

            Ryan is a go-to on 9/11. Take heed or don’t. He’s knows better than you or I on this subject.

            How and does he really?

            • NPP says:

              I clicked onto your video link. I’ve seen it years ago. .

              Don’t watch/listen, unless curiosity takes you to do.

              I have been waiting for several years for Dawson to find a platform to air his work. I’d never heard of Fresh & Fit, who have 1,000,000+ subs. They have given Dawson a platform. Many will watch & learn. There are probably much better things to do on this gloriously wet & rainy day. Yes, I am fortunate in that I watch ink and paint dry and can listen/watch as I work. Most of my life long friends do not have such luxury of time, most took the jab and deem me rather eccentric. Dawson would probably call me a virus-denying ‘kook’. I don’t much care, but he is the go-to on 9/11.

          • ian says:

            David Icke, really?. Ned, The US government and Israel did 9/11. There is enough evidence to execute hundreds. Talking about the itty bitty trivialities doesn’t float my boat, just as knowing that never ever will anyone be prosecuted. Our votes don’t matter, our opinions don’t matter other than losing us social credit scores. It’s bollocks

            • NPP says:

              David Icke used to post Ryan’s material 10-15 years ago. Sadly, he doesn’t anymore.

              UK Column, whom I am very fond of, ran a weekend 9/11 live discussion and talked ‘itty bitty trivialities’ when they could have invited Ryan Dawson to tell them who did it. Ryan is my go-to on 9/11. My studio windows shook to a suicide bomber in Taksim Square the day before 9/11. It’s all left an impression on me.

              I do not submit my time & effort to TAP to make friends. I have life-long friends of 50 years who have sadly disappointed me and perhaps I them. It seems, friends come and go.

              I am interested in the dissemination of useful information which my useless national broadcaster fails to do.

              I posted what I consider to be a significant video. It’s your choice to check it out or not.