Every child should have a sex partner

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Sir Winston Churchill


The latest interview with Reggie Littlejohn (sovereigntycoalition.org) updating us on the WHO Pandemic Treaty and the amendments to the International Health Regulations. She also covers the dangerous “One Health.” 25 min. VIDEO

If I Were The Devil – 3 min. VIDEO

Part 2 Moderna Contracts by Sasha Latypova – between Sasha, Karen Kingston, Katherine Watt, Dr. Naomi Wolf there is enough proof to these genocidal sociopaths in prison for the rest of their lives. So WHY is it so hard to have them taken seriously or to get their information into a court of law? I am sure we all know the WHY. ARTICLE

The ASPCA Has Been Exposed And It’s Worse Than Any Sarah McLachlan Song – If you really want to help private animal rescues write them a check and hand it or mail it to them personally. In my previous county we had a group of volunteers that ran a dog rescue. They had no facility and they had no TV Ads. They rescued abandoned dogs and found homes (mostly at the homes of volunteers) to care for the dogs until they could find a permanent home for them. They were hard working, dedicated people that pulled no salary. We used to donate personally to them each year at Christmas. I once found an abandoned kitten that was obviously in a bad way. I called them and even though they did not take cats they made me an appointment with the vet they use and we took the kitten to be treated. The vet did not charge but we donated $100. It just so happened the founder of the rescue team had a friend that had just lost a cat and once the kitten was healthy enough to be released her friend adopted the kitten. DO NOT GIVE to these big organizations. See if there is a local voluntary rescue in your area and give to them personally. They appreciate food, blankets, towels, crates too. ARTICLE

New York Times Promotes Euthanasia For Mentally Ill – When a society is brainwashed into believing that abortion is not murder what we have is a society that places no value on human life so why would be surprised when we start hearing of stories like this one?? I have stated many times “the issue is never the issue.” And the issue of abortion has never been about the rights of women to control their own body. It has always been about destroying the sanctity of life. There was a time that nothing was more precious to a woman than the child she carried in her womb…..in order to drive home eugenics and euthanasia they had to destroy a woman’s belief in the sanctity of life. If we do not care about the helpless unborn how could we ever care about some mentally ill person. Or a poor person. NOTE to Transgenders…….you will be classified as mentally ill one day. It is coming. All the autistic children created by the vaccines will one day be put out of their misery using the cost of caring for these children that are now adults with no caregivers alive to tend to their needs. And what is taking place in Canada is a test. They are planting the seeds. The day will come when these procedures are no longer a choice but a mandate. All for the common good you know. ARTICLE/VIDEO (11 min.) Instead of helping these people they would prefer just to help them die.

Kansas Becomes 1st State to Pass Law Defining Gender as a Person’s Sex at Birth – It’s an EPOCH article so if you are not a paid subscriber you won’t be able to open the link so I am just providing the first few paragraphs. EPOCH TIMES April 29, 2023 by Alice Giordano

Kansas has become the first state to adopt a definition of gender with the passage of legislation that keeps men, no matter what gender they identify as, out of women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and other intimate spaces.

It also separates inmates and restricts participation in sports according to one’s sex at birth.

The move came late in the afternoon of April 27, when the state Legislature voted to override Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of S.B. 180, which became known as the “Women’s Bill of Rights.”

The Lancet’s ONE HEALTH Commission announced itself on May 9, 2020. It was already poised to assist in the world takeover then. – Yep, they had it all planned out way in advance. All they needed was the fake pandemic to kick it all off. ARTICLE


4 Responses to “Every child should have a sex partner”

  1. Belyi says:

    ‘A person’s sex at birth’. Surely whether the baby is male or female is evident way before birth. Scans show early on what sex the baby is and in the US I believe parents have ‘reveal’ parties where they let their friends know whether they’re having a boy or a girl.

    Talking about ‘gender assigned at birth’ is a red herring. No human being assigns our gender. My personal belief is that we choose when we set up our life’s path, as to which gender is the most helpful for our learning. That’s just me and there are many other belief systems.

  2. Tapestry says:

    There is no opposition to this policy that is detectable at Westminster. Conservative, LD and Labour party policy can now simply be expressed as – kill the parents. rape the children. The human race will be exterminated primarily by inertia, taking advantage of the fact that people are unable to change direction even when catastrophe lies ahead on the current pathway. People find it easier not to know or even not to look.

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    I suppose we’ve just got to wait until 6th May to see the evidence of WHO and UN complicity in this. That’s what the poster says anyhow

    Meanwhile, I had a look at the site stopworldcontrol.com, it is quite slick and well presented. When I looked at the “About” section there is only one actual name, David Sorenson. Alarm bells started ringing….

    “David Sorensen is the founder of the website StopWorldControl.com and Hope for Humanity ministries. David holds a master’s degree in media and communication from the University of Science and Arts in Ghent, Belgium, and works as a “missionary journalist” to report on critical truths that are censored by mainstream media. He has authored eight books and built several websites with a large worldwide audience.”


    “For two decades, David Sorensen had a Christian ministry in Europe, where he published many books. He began investigating the widely accepted doctrine that the world is destined to be ruled by evil, and the only thing believers can do is wait to be raptured away.”

    This type of stuff is notoriously replete with charlatans looking to make a quick buck. So how do we know that David is not one of those? Can anyone help?

    • ian says:

      He likely is Pete. The big guys don’t like any spontaneity. They usually provide leaders to lead us in the right direction.