One Response to “Col Macgregor with the Judge, once again updating us”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Prigozin is the Russian version of General Patton. He like Patton knows the Russian General Staff are controlled by a higher cabal, which manages the war, and wants it to last a long time while they make money. Patton wanted to end the war in 1944. His fuel supply was cut off by his High Command. Prigozhin won’t get any ammunition if he keeps quiet as the cabal as usual wants the war to go on a lot longer. He’s not crazy. He just knows that the war is run to make money while his men are dying, and he wants the battle over and done asap. The money men send him just enough to keep him going, but the Wagners have captured masses of ammunition and can capture Bakhmut despite being cut off. The only thing they are really short of is artillery shells. Shells are impossible to capture as artillery is too far away from the coal face. Otherwise Prigozhin and the Wagners could roll forwards with minimal supplies from Moscow. If you want to win a war, you do anything you can and he’s not embarrassed to expose the fact that he gets no shells. WIthout shells his men have to engage the enemy with small arms and take higher casualties. He’s entitled to be bloody angry.