Ukro-car bomb detonates using geolocation, while Russia hacks Ukrainian drones

Zakhar Prilepin was saved only by the fact that the explosion occurred at the time of unloading the car

Eduard Petrov – that the bomb in Prilepin’s car was detonated through the signal of the satellite navigation system:

Zakhar, together with the driver and daughter, arrived this morning to visit their relatives. Many knew about his place of residence, and everyone who wanted to track his movements tracked it. And they knew that it was at this point that he would be today.

According to my information, at the moment when the car stopped and Zakhar’s daughter got out of it, and most likely Zakhar himself also got out, there was a powerful explosion. The driver died on the spot. The explosive device went off under the bottom of the car. The criminals installed it there in the expectation that Zakhar would be in the front seat. But the bomb went off a few seconds later, when both Zakhar and his daughter left. Zakhar received serious leg injuries, and now they want to deliver him by helicopter to Moscow.

Some believe the bomb was planted while the car was being serviced. And according to our source, the signal passed through the satellite navigation system. That is, for the first time it worked like this – the geographical point of arrival of the car was packed. The criminals did not sit on the tail of Prilepin, they would certainly have been noticed. The device went off when the car arrived at the address. But Zakhar and his daughter managed to get out of the car.

The criminals are getting more and more experienced. This is not a radio bomb, not an explosion on a signal, but on geolocation. As soon as a connection with a satellite is made at the point, an explosion occurs.

Russell Bentley on

Донбасс-сердце России!.

🙏 Захара Прилепина спасло только то, что взрыв произошел в момент разгрузки автомобиля

Эдуард Петров – о том, что бомба в автомобиле Прилепина была взорвана через сигнал спутниковой системы навигации:

The second part of the post was removed somehow – not by me.  Maybe the story that Russia has hacked Ukrainian drones is being suppressed.

I add this next video as it shows how closely Russian positions in Donbas follow a canal line which other commenters don’t show.


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  1. ian says:

    Certainly things have “improved” if that’s the word, since IRA days. Bombing and death always seem to keep up with the latest technology. I, pauper that I am wear a Casio watch. Apparently the bomb makers watch of choice. They used a video timer in Brighton, but now your position can be used. I’m pleased that I’m not worth a pound of Semtex. Those who are will have to wear bike clips, as it’s getting scary