Vocabulary Hijack

This ‘Gruntle’ came to mind. I bought a book for a family member. For some reason my payment for the paper back at eBay wouldn’t go through, so I directly emailed the author who spoke with Richard Vobes and purchased a signed hardback copy for only a few pounds more.
Unlearn The Lies You’ve Been Taught To Believe
Feargus O’Connor Greenwood

My family member quoted a few lines that amused me and I thought it might amuse you too. From….
Chapter 1, p. 2
Have you ever felt gruntled? You have probably had this positive feeling many times in your life, but only ever deployed the word as a negative, as in ‘I’m disgruntled’. Can’t we all be gruntled and have done with it? Apparently not. However, linguistic nuance gives us the opportunity to explore the world from a slightly different perspective.

Though I searched, I haven’t been able to find the TAP post from a couple of weeks ago that featured the book, author and this video: