View From The Jungle


The arrogance and hubris of the legacy media and political class is currently off the scale. For example, UK MP Matt Hancock is still making videos condemning those who protest the WHO while continuing to espouse and support the WHO; among the most vile organisations and probably loathed by anyone who truly understands what the WHO is and has done. These people are so warped, they promote the idea that a male and female can ‘transition’ to female and male by out-doing God and or speeding up Darwinian evolution with surgical operation and corporate chemical products. It is clown world continuum.

Josep Borrell is another example. The European Union’s foreign policy chief described Europe as an idyllic ‘garden’ of prosperity and the rest of the world as mostly a ‘jungle.’
That’s right; Borrell and his €U comrades believe they are some how above and better than the rest.
The mind boggles.
The ‘jungle’ knows otherwise.



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3 Responses to “View From The Jungle”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Satanism Ned. Killers. Destroyers. Pray for deliverance from these beasts, and keep your artwork rolling. It gets better every year! England is not part of the EU. Next stop exit the UK. Vote Teds.

    • NPP says:

      My Red Bubble account has been suspended.
      2 links here, kindly added by AV…
      …are no more.
      All my artwork shop links gone.
      Hours & hours of sitting on my bum managing an online shop, wasted.

      I’m not sure of the exact reason. Inappropriate material? Copyright infringement by my own original material? I have never, ever had a reliable, permanent online site.

      Oh well, onward & up.

  2. ian says:

    Brilliant Ned, love it.