BBC Celebrates Tucker Carlson Sacking

The BBC’s Radio 4 news presenter Dustbin Plebb espouses the ‘riot’ of 06 Jan, though I watched it live on TV UK time and it was not on a par with the BLM fire and destruction rioting during the supposed covid1984 lockdown. Tucker broadcast the 06 Jan footage from the Capitol. The police were inviting and complicit.

‘He is no more. Tucker Carlson sacked suddenly… the show that he’d used to back the view that the January 6th riots at the Capitol were not serious, possibly even a hoax… his interventions served to rile up his supporters and add to the already angry atmosphere of American political discourse.
… yeah, an’ when you talk about that red meat, this all matters, doesn’t it, because of the kind of toxicity, what his opponents would say is the poison, that he has put into the American political machine… he really concentrated on January 6th and the idea that some how the riot at the capitol was itself a hoax and you do wonder if he goes, those kind of conspiracy theories and utter misinformation, disinformation, are reduced.’
Justin ‘Dustbin Plebb’ Webb, BBC R4 Today approx. 8.37mins 27secs into the programme.

Of course, the BBC never nurture division or disseminate misinformation or disinformation. The BBC are the paragon of reliable, objective, serious news, aren’t they? They are never, ever, ever bias. Honest guv. Pigs do fly.

The Duran suggest Tucker gave a platform to both Trump and RFK Jr.; that ‘they’ do not want a Trump/RFK Jr. US presidential election contest.




4 Responses to “BBC Celebrates Tucker Carlson Sacking”

  1. Belyi says:

    Many people will follow Tucker wherever he goes. Fox is now on the slide and I await the departure of other decent people from the channel, such as Maria Bartiromo and Jesse Waters.

  2. NPP says:

    This morning 28.04.2023
    BBC R4 Today
    On the death of Jerry Springer.
    ‘He did a far better legacy than someone like Tucker Carlson or you know, the hate spewing pundits of today make Jerry seem like a saint now-a-days.’
    Richard Thomas , co-writer & composer for Jerry Springer the Opera talking propaganda crap on the Blob BBC.