This two-page summary is about the WHO and the impending revisions of the International Health Regulations.

By Dr. Michael Yeadon April 4, 2023

This two-page summary is about the WHO and the impending revisions of the International Health Regulations.

It highlights that Bill Gates & the WEF have all but controlling interest in WHO, through funding provided by the BMGF (2nd largest donor), GAVI (a Gates-funded vehicle) & CEPI (a WEF-funded vehicle).

The proposed amendments to the IHR effectively make WHO a world dictator. If it declares even a suspected public health emergency of international concern, the provisions of the amended IHR grants the same WHO to order all sorts of things, including the takeover of any or all countries, imposing lockdowns and mass testing, whatever they choose. Worst of all, they have to power to require an international database of health certificates necessary for travel. I think we all can see that this constitutes a “World Passport”, which sits above national passports.

This whole thing is particularly malign because almost nobody knows anything about it (if you’re not down the rabbit hole, you’ll never hear about it).
We can be certain this is malign for numerous reasons.

1. Pandemics of severe illnesses are immunologically impossible. If that wasn’t true, humanity would have repeatedly been wiped out. So the entire claim, that action above the level of a nation is essential is just a lie, a pretext.

2. Even if there was a necessity for international cooperation, just do that. Nobody in their right mind would destroy democracy in the pretend hood it might save a few lives. Remember, wars costing millions of lives have repeatedly been fought in order to preserve autonomy. So their calculus makes no sense.

3. Centralising power is guaranteed to produce inferior outcomes compared with the outcomes where each country runs its own health responses, maintaining good communication. This is because by definition when a fictitious new health threat appears, NOBODY knows the optimal response. Worse, we’d never learn the best response because we’d have a top-down solution.

Under no circumstances is this other than malign.

Please share this simple yet powerful note.

Let it not be something most people learn about only after the WHO has declared a PHEIC.

Best wishes