The Next UK PM?

Woodentop’s had a change of heart, since he realises ‘chicks with dicks’ isn’t a vote winner.
It’s a paywall, but the headline tells you all you need to know without reading the drivel therein…
Keir Starmer: Trans-Rights Can’t Override Women’s Rights

Remember, Woodentop Starmer has previous….

Five questions for new Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer about his UK and US national security establishment links

4. What role did you play in the Crown Prosecution Service’s irregular handling of the Julian Assange case during your period as DPP?

This is apparently a recent photo of Assange; in prison in the UK which preaches freedom of speech and democracy to the rest of the world…





One Response to “The Next UK PM?”

  1. ian says:

    Starmer was involved with “not prosecuting Saville” if I can put it like that. It was when he worked for the CPS I believe. Child sexual abuse is no doubt used by the upper echelons of society to control their puppet political figures. They arrange for you to have sex with children,and even in some cases murder them, you are guaranteed a good life with great prospects. Step out of line you will be destroyed by exposure of your paedophile, etc activities, and you are a social pariah at best. Starmer was at the very least leaned on not to destroy Saville. I wouldn’t trust him to sweep my path.