Do Something!

I saw a Tweet titled The Bystander Effect…

When she was 16 she went into her biology class as per normal. All the desks were unusually arranged in a circle in the middle of the room. The normally amazing, kind, loving instructor (teacher) was unusually super militant, super scary, just looked at the students and said, ‘Sit down and shut up. You are not allowed to move, to speak at all and anyone who does will immediately fail the class.’

The girl was terrified. They all sat, silently, nervously and in the middle of the circle was a desk with a bowl with a goldfish. The instructor removed the goldfish from the bowl and put it on the desk and left the room, shutting the door. The students looked at each other. The girl felt the situation violated everything inside of her to just watch the fish die. She thought of the instruction: if you speak, if you get up, if you move, you will automatically fail the class. They all sat there looking at each other to do something. What felt like an eternity was about 2½ minutes when Hanna B. stood up and said ‘Fuck this!’

She put the goldfish back into the bowl. At that point the instructor returned, looked at all of them and said, ‘Look what the world has done to you. You’ve betrayed yourself, for what?’

The girl learned in that moment, to never be that person ever again; that if she sees something that is wrong, even if it’s just her, she will stand up and do what’s right. She’s done that since over and over in her life in some very scary situations and she’s sad for those who’ve not learnt this lesson, because there are so many things that are wrong, that if you are too scared to make a difference, you won’t make right.

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  1. ian says:

    An excellent lesson Ned.

    • NPP says:

      I thought it a tale worth repeating.

      P.S. TAP, the website’s gone array my end; the layout is all over the place. I assume a temporary hitch.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Fine here. Maybe some glitch. Where’s John? It’s his role….