The BBC Blob Burps Projection Again

In the bathroom I turn on the radio to catch up with the Blob that is BBC clown world continuum. The BBC project daily. The prejudice love to accuse others of prejudice while being prejudice themselves.

For the record, though this is not open to public access:
BBC R4 Today 8.52hr 30secs
On the death of Jerry Springer
‘He did a far better legacy than someone like Tucker Carlson… the hate spewing pundits of today make Jerry seem like a saint now-a-days.’
Richard Thomas , co-writer & composer for Jerry Springer the Opera

So, Jerry Springer never platformed hate? I’m not sure I ever watched his show, but I’ve seen clips that appeared to portray degenerate behaviour and hate did seem to manifest between the participants. I have never witnessed Tucker Carlson spewing hate.




3 Responses to “The BBC Blob Burps Projection Again”

  1. ian says:

    ” I have never witnessed Tucker Carlson spewing hate.” that makes you guilty of wrong watching, nearly as bad as wrong think, and wrong speak. We have deducted £5000 from your CBDC account. Unfortunately that leaves you £2000 overdrawn, and you cannot purchase anything until next month’s payment.

  2. NPP says:

    Not that Tucker Carlson is Mr. Wonderful, but the BBC simply portray his like as automatic ‘right-wing’ bad people…. mean while Antifa burn down the neighbourhood as part of a ‘peaceful protest’.

    I suspect someone more knowledgeable than I could provide a devastating critique of Jerry Springer.

    • ian says:

      Yes you’re correct NPP, Orwell’s ministry of truth was very prophetic. Facts are what they say they are.