Ricardo Delgado – Graphene Turns Vaccinated into Conductors

HenryMakow.com – April 9, 2023

There is NO biological material in the (“vaccine”) samples.

Obviously, both the mRNA platform and the affectation of the famous spike protein were only smokescreens to divert the research of anyone who analyzed, in situ, the “vaccines”. 

Ricardo Delgado tells the audience, “What they called Covid-19 is the interaction of this undeclared material (graphene) into biology.”

R D: “Indeed, The Fifth Column discovered and demonstrated this premeditated poisoning of the entire society with reduced graphene-oxide, while the institutions spoke of a “coronavirus” that, to this day, no one has seen.”

Indeed, it is terrifying, the worst thing that has happened to human+beings in their entire history. The objective is more than clear: to transhumanize all human+beings in the shortest possible amount of time; despite the serious damage and side-effects of this technology for neuromodular and neurostimulation behaviours, in addition to the supervision of all individuals directly from their neurons. In short, the complete loss of the current human species. That is, the disappearance of the current human to turn him into “something else”, deprived of his essence, free-will, ability to think for himself and his natural tendency to spirituality. And for this, the material that acts as an INTERFACE is reduced graphene-oxide. This is the great KEY. That is why they try to deny it or ignore it in all kinds of ways.


Interview with Ricardo Delgado — (abridged by henrymakow.com)

When graphene, inoculated and labeled as a “vaccine”, comes into contact with blood, it generates the formation of a protein biomolecular crown. The function of this crown of proteins is to protect our biology from the introduction of foreign material to make it go unnoticed. However, certain groups label it as toxic and relate it to the spike protein. Once again, with the sole intention of diverting the focus from the origin of all damage in biology, since evil is caused by the cause – graphene – and not by its consequence – the crown of proteins.


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