Replying to harassment scam from another bunch of scammers.

We contacted the agent about this matter.

He invited us to attend a social event and he apologised to us and said this money is not owed.

Please contact the agent – Sandy Wong, of Shrewsbury area to confirm that we did not sign up with him.
He was most hopeful that we would sign up with the company but we did not do so, and he agrees.
He says he has already informed you of these facts.
I repeat we did not sign up with the organisation that is no longer trading.
Our utility suppliers have been the same throughout, and have never changed.
This is a scam.
This sum is not owed.
Please delete us from your files.  We will publicise what you are doing on – 20,000 visitors a week and name your company and your names personally.
We will also sue you for harassment via our solicitor ****** ******** of ********,  for making undue threats.
This is our final warning.

Unit E Best house

Grange Business Park

Enderby Road






19th April 2023

Account Number: UPD10397470


Dear Mr ****** *******


We act on behalf of Utility Point (in administration). We wrote to you recently with a request of payment of sums owed to our client and note that you have failed to respond. We understand that no formal dispute has been raised in relation to the outstanding sums.

We have now calculated a revised balance which takes interest and late payment compensation into account where applicable. The balance now due is £124.27 and this sum is broken down as follows:

Account balance prior to applied charges £74.27
Applied charges (late payment fee) £50
Total balance now due £124.27


You can pay by credit or debit card by calling 0116 296 1438 or via our secure online portal at


Should this matter not be resolved within 7 days of the date of this notice, we hereby advise you that further action will be taken. This may mean door step collection agents are instructed to attend your property or that your credit file may be negatively affected.


If you believe that this matter has already been settled through payment or you have raised a dispute or request for alternative settlement within the last 7 days, please disregard this notice.


Yours sincerely,


Barratt Smith & Brown Limited


Ellie Allsopp –

Erin Midgaff –


t: 0116 296 1438