HRH Jug Ears. More Equal Than Others?

I know, it may be deemed by some as a tad rude and disrespectful to refer to the new King, or queen, depending on his pronoun preferences and gender identity inclinations, about his audio antennae receptacles like this, but he does want us all to have nothing and be happy, doesn’t he? Do you think he will be happy having nothing?

The plants, while we humans aren’t watching, do come to life and even indulge in conceptual installation art creation. This is a rare scene captured from imaginary memory and rather unsettling that they might reference the Rolf Harris, ‘can you tell what it is yet?’, line. However, I do have a Rolf Harris original commissioned on the spot at Waterstones, Hampstead high street one morning c.1990. This was, of course, years before scandalous atrocities came to light; talking of which, what is it with Charles and the likes of Jimmy the Vile Savage, Bishop, Peter & Ball and ‘Dicky’ Mounted the Battenberg frequently and all too often? I can only assume the Royal Wee runs down one’s leg in a different way to the rest of us mere mortals.

Exactly what are the financial arrangements of the estate of the Ducky of Cornwall? Does he have a finger inflammation issue? Does he seriously think we have too many people on earth? Does he truly believe carbon dioxide, the food of plants, is a problem? What will plants feed on once Co2 is drastically reduced? What is the relationship between King Charles and the World Economic Forum? Will he be giving up his private aeroplane arrangement? Do he and his wife refer to each other as Fred and Gladys, which is fine, but do we want or have any choice in accepting Queen Camilla? Do we in the UK have a constitution and will Charles adhere to it? Have we already seen signs of temper tantrums? Are some more equal than others? But, perhaps most important, pressing and fundamental to all our futures, can Charles, once he has nothing, cope without a toothpaste servant?


Perhaps a timely and useful reminder….