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Nukes in Belarus: open thread

Edward’s weekly Russia news roundup & open thread



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Welcome to Edward Slavsquat’s Sunday link dump & open thread. Feel free to shill URLs in the comments section.

So … what’s the latest and the greatest?

source: TASS
  • Tactical nukes will be stationed in Belarus (apparently in response to the UK’s eagerness to supply depleted uranium munitions to Ukraine): “There is nothing unusual about this … The United States has been doing this for decades. They have long placed their tactical nuclear weapons on the territories of their allied countries, NATO countries, in Europe…,” Putin said. True. [TASS]
  • About 5 million tons of wheat and about 700 thousand tons of sunflower have accumulated in warehouses in the Rostov region. Exports have been hampered by sanctions and logistical problems. [donnews.ru]
  • Magnit Pay—a cashless payment system introduced by one of Russia’s largest supermarket chains—is being discontinued. Cash is still king? Rubles or bust? [VC.ru]
  • Ukraine wants to increase the cost of transit of Russian oil that it sends to Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic via the Druzhba pipeline. Ukrainian pipeline operator Ukrtransnafta believes the price hike is necessary to cover the cost of “restoring the oil transportation infrastructure destroyed during hostilities [with Russia].” Read that again very slowly, pour yourself a cup of chacha, and quietly cry yourself to sleep. [Kommersant]
  • Kazakhstan is launching a tracking system to “to demonstrate compliance with Western sanctions against Russia and sanctioned parallel imports.” [Vedomosti]
  • “The Kremlin continues to ignore the betrayal of the oligarchs.” [Katyusha.org]