Funny how karma works

Who’s supplying the weapons to the Wagners, who are being cut off at 50% by Russian High Command?

This report from Wyatt Lim in Singapore, on his channel DPA War (Defense Politics Asia) is interesting across all the fronts involved in the fighting for Donbass for the 11th March.

Especially interesting is the last part at 21 minutes where he mentions the entrenchment along the border of Transdniestria by Ukraine/NATO.   Moldova is concerned, legally Transdniestria is part of Moldova, but there is little control as the Russian speaking population acts as an independent province.  Why the building of entrenchment when there is no army big enough to invade Ukraine there?

Wyatt’s source says it is to stop people escaping from Ukraine and ‘smuggling’.

Smuggling NATO weapon supplies out to buyers?

The Wagners say they have other sources of weaponry and ammunition, apart from the Russian High Command which has been cutting them back.

Is NATO the unwitting supplier of the Wagner’s ammunition, sold for a song by Ukrainians?  It would not be surprising, with Ukraine the most corrupt country in the world, as created by the CIA.

Russell Bentley ( knows many people fighting for the Wagners who were his former comrades in the Donetsk militia.  They left for the higher pay available, and they are very experienced troops after eight years of fighting Ukraine.

They are telling Russell their ammunition supply has been halved, yet Prigozhin, head of the Wagners, says he has other suppliers.

I noticed in the Patrick Lancaster report of fighting near Bakhmut (Artemovsk in Russian) the Russian soldier showing him the area, always checked the ammunition boxes in the overrun Ukrainian trenches, littered with dead bodies, hoping to find some bullets.  The Wagners also say via Russell Bentley they use a lot more NATO weaponry than Russian, much of which wears out in months.  Obviously NATO would be keen to stop the flow of ammunition and weapons into the hands of the Russians.  Hence the trenches along the border with Transdniestria.

It’s funny how karma works.  NATO’s new motto should be – Live by corruption, die by corruption.


2 Responses to “Funny how karma works”

  1. newensign says:

    Thanks for this good find of information Tap in answer to my comment in my previous comment to you. Mind you NATO itself is a very corrupt and corruption breeds corruption, so as you say karma is coming back to bite them. I found it interesting that the Ukrainians have a unit called the Mozarts – their answer to the Wagners??

  2. John says:

    Karma. You can never avoid it. Your greatest adversary and greatest teacher.