Time warp

Gonzalo Lira lives in Kharkov in Ukraine, and has his nose to the ground.  ‘Is Poland about to invade Belarus?’ he asks.  There are many rumours as Biden goes on a visit to Poland.

UK Minister of Defense Wallace is pumping out disinformation about Russia being fully committed militarily with no forces to spare for another front.  Is something up?  Gonzalo’s a good talker, if you don’t know him.

Poland is loaded up with planes, artillery and huge numbers of weapons, and recently called up 200,000 men.  Clearly this is not going nowhere.  Poland is on board with NATO and wants Galicia.  Interestingly Poland had very similar notions at the beginning of WW2.

Here’s a time warp from 1938.

Jan Karszo-Siedlewski, Poland’s envoy to Iran, in a conversation with a German diplomat in December 1938, said: “The political prospects for Eastern Europe are clear. In a few years, Germany will be at war with the Soviet Union, and Poland will support, voluntarily or forcibly, Germany in that war. It is better for Poland to side with Germany decisively before the conflict, since its territorial interests in the west and its political goals in the east, especially in Ukraine, can only be guaranteed by an agreement between Poland and Germany reached in advance.

Also in December 1938, the report of the Intelligence Department of the Polish Army headquarters stated: “The dismemberment of Russia is the basis of Polish policy in the east… Therefore, our possible position will come down to the following formula: who will participate in the partition. Poland must not remain passive at this great moment in history. The task is to prepare well in advance, physically and spiritually… The main goal is the weakening and defeat of Russia.”

In January 1939 Polish Foreign Minister Jozef Beck, in a conversation with German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop, stated unambiguously: “Poland wants the Soviet Ukraine and access to the Black Sea.”

Adolf Hitler receives Polish Foreign Minister Jozef Beck at the Berghof in January 1939.

El Zoom.  vk.com

It’s always the same old story – just playing out with different characters in different eras – Napoleon, Hitler, Zelensky are the protagonists, the visible players, but behind the scenes, the war plans are created by bankers, who choose the winners and the losers.  They of course win every time, by manipulating the plot which is always aimed at dismembering Russia inter alia.  The leading actors are put in place and controlled by the British, and are finally rescued from the burning carcass of their former countries to a life of peace and luxury with new identity.

The twist in the war plot this time could be that Russia will fight the Nazis and then fall quietly to a coup d’etat (regime change) in Moscow once Russian victory over Nazism is declared.  Just as the US fought the Nazis in WW2 and then was taken over by 1947 to impose a Fascist system on the world, masquerading as democracy – CIA, Bretton Woods, UN, USAID and so on.

Britain and US are the No1 and No2 Fascists.  It says (I think!).

Russia knows the score even if most people in the US and UK do not.  Germany is obviously a puppet regime today, but not many know that so was Hitler, and probably Kaiser Bill before him.