Russian High Command sabotaging its own forces.

Now we see more evidence of Russia being hamstrung by their own high command.

According to Military Summary channel’s Dima, five young generals have been appointed, one for each war zone, all keen to fight and win an offensive war.

This is a total change of strategy on Russia’s part if true and most worrying.

The effects are immediate.

The first thing Gerasimov wants to achieve is to stop the Wagners from winning around Bakhmut and Soledar, so he cuts their supply of shells, and they go begging for supplies online. This is just like Patton’s fuel supply being cut off by Eisenhower in 1944 when Patton was winning the war too quickly, and had to be stopped after crossing the Rhine river by the cabal that ran all sides to the war. (See DPA War channel report below)

Further South on the Donetsk front, we find Russia moving forces against Vugledar up against mine fields within the field of fire from well fortified Ukrainian positions guaranteeing more failure there and much greater losses.

Below the Zapirozhia front, there are huge military convoys over 80 kms from Bergyansk towards Crimea, making ideal targets for air assault coming in from the sea or from HIMARS. You do not concentrate your forces when the primary threat is missile attack by HIMARS or the arrival of F16s from Italy or Romania.

The northern Kupiansk front is going well for Russia but no advance is planned apart from pushing Ukraine back across the Oskil River, creating a northern Dniepr front, as in Kherson region.

To me this all reads like intentional failure by Gerasimov and the Russian High Command, and very dangerous for Russia, as NATO sniffs coming into the war.


2 Responses to “Russian High Command sabotaging its own forces.”

  1. newensign says:

    I agree its very worrying Tap. One of the reasons is that many high ranking officials in the Russian defence department have died in mysterious circumstances or committed “suicide” Its not the original high command they have been nobbled!
    According to my friend in the USA its all been planned that way – Letter below:

    “Here is an Interesting yet a horrifying read.

    I pray YAHWEH destroys the Jews soon.

    Obviously they have a Supernatural force helping them to plan so far ahead so closely.

    Eli says this is likely Ezekiel 38 happening but I don’t know how Putin can be friends with the Jews still if he is not a Jew himself.

    All over the world there is Tribulation. I just read they are culling 20% of all cattle in the US and Canada and will inflate the price of beef so poor people can’t afford it. Eggs, chicken and vegetables are double the price from 2019.

    I have high school friends dropping dead at an increasing rate.

    This is happening so fast yet, the digital ID could start this year here in cowardly Canadian people around me are talking about the Stupid Bowl.

    I hope things are better for you there.

    John” End of letter.

  2. danceaway says:

    This is just heartbreaking…….