How would you explain things?

The war in Ukraine seems strange.  In one zone where the Wagners are running the show, progress is made almost daily.  In the northern Lugansk sector, Russia is crushing Ukrainian resistance step by step.  Kherson is no longer a front line after Russia retreated across the Dnieper river.  The weird front is Zaparizhia, where Russia seems to continually get it wrong, sending tank convoys into battle providing nice targets for NATO’s Himars missiles, for example.  The Russian offensives against various cities on the Zaporizhia front came to nothing much, including Vugledar, where Russia has had some serious casualties resulting from wrong tactics, including the use of tank and armoured vehicle convoys.  These new tactics seem to have begun with the appointment of General Gerasimov over the head of Surovikin who was clearly bringing victory to Russia too quickly.

Where are the Chechens?  Whenever there was a grinding urban battle last year, as in Lysychansk, they were deployed and their willingness to take terrible risks brought victory surprisingly quickly.  After Lysychansk fell, the Chechens were immediately withdrawn and they’ve not been seen anywhere on the battle field since.   It’s very odd.

The Ukrainians are about to receive tanks from NATO and have withdrawn their own tanks from all battlefronts.  This is apparent from all frontline reports showing that suddenly no tanks are being knocked out in the daily reports.  The reason being that there aren’t any tanks there.  There were a week ago.  Again very odd.

The Ukrainians move their troops and equipment around by rail.  Why are the Russians not knocking out the railways using their missile technology or bombing capability?  Again very odd.

It seems that the tanks are being readied for a ground offensive on the Zaporizhia front towards Crimea.  The attack will attempt to go via Melitopol and then head South.

Will the arrival of F16s over the battlefield happen at the same time?  It would not be surprising.  If NATO wants to throw all its assets into an offensive to retake Crimea, then they would use their aircraft, and see if that is enough to break Russian resistance.

None of this would be happening if Russia seriously wanted to win the war.  It’s as if they’re fighting with one hand tied behind their backs.

Churchill said that WW2 was run by a higher cabal.  All sides were orchestrated to cause maximum casualties and prolong the war, which could have ended in 1940 if Hitler had been allowed to send the tanks to round up allied forces stranded at Dunkirk.  General Patton was similarly prevented from winning the war in the summer of 1944 when his fuel supply was cut off.  Why were 250,000 Germans allowed to escape through the Falaise gap after D Day?  The Second World war was full of inexplicable events, just as are happening in Ukraine today.

The cabal has a plan for the war there, which is being implemented.  No one can know what that plan is, except the cabal.  Russia could tidy up all fronts if she was allowed to do so, but every so often some little opportunities for NATO are being arranged.  The first year Russia only deployed 70,000 troops for the ‘special military operation’ to fight 700,000 Ukrainians.  Each battle front had a separate commander, and it was only when Surovikin was appointed overall C-I-C in Ukraine that things started going a lot better.  As soon as they did, he was overridden by the appointment of Gerasimov.   Had Russia deployed a proper number of troops, with a proper command structure the war would have been over in months.  That is something the cabal clearly does not want.  The plan is to drag it on for years, bring in more millions of men, and more and more countries.

It is clear enough that Moscow is not entirely in control of her own forces, and able to frustrate the cabal.


2 Responses to “How would you explain things?”

  1. ian says:

    Strange indeed. As I twittered on before the old Tap site went down, this war really seemed to give the “owners”, the opportunity to create real problems for Europe. I know however, that I’m no geo political strategist, and am probably missing most of the war’s purpose. Putin was one of the WEF’s young global leaders I believe, and Russia has a Rothschild Central bank, so perhaps there is far more going on here than we know. An excellent thought provoking article.

  2. newensign says:

    Yes I agree Tap it is indeed very strange, but I think, as I mentioned before, the old soviet mafia controlled from London and Washington still control many levers of power and may have weakened Putin. There have been many strange deaths of Russian officials and may be they have been replaced by the Cabal’s people thus weakening Putin’s control. We do know that the Cabals plans went awry initially as a result of the Russians unexpected advance which affected financial policy of moving to digital currency. The order in privy council was fiat currency to be removed by not later than last month and here we are still on the same system!!