The Invasion That’s Not an Invasion

Like many I recently watched the clip on Sky news where MP Lucy Powell made the statement there’s no migrant invasion going on and “the home secretary’s use of the term migrant “invasion” is “deeply irresponsible.” Initially I did not agree with her, was frustrated that “she could not see the bleeding obvious”, suggested she ask her constituents who she supposedly represents what they think then proceed to go and make a coffee. Suitably refreshed I returned to the screen and reevaluated the situation. It then occurred to me she is absolutely correct and so is anyone in government who says the same thing. There is no invasion.

It is not an invasion. It’s an Invitation.

I’ve always had a interest in history and have read much about the history of these lands. The UK has been subject to much invasion and attack through its history. To my recollection I don’t recall reading about any invasion where the invaders were welcomed with food, shelter, warmth or mobile phones, cigarettes, a subscription to Netflix and a cash card loaded up for them to enjoy. Invasions are usually associated with violence, death but also heroic attempts by the warriors of the invaded lands to defend their home, families and community. History is abound with tales of great deeds in defense of the homeland.

Below is the definition of Invasion from

It is obvious to me the current UK government does not see the ongoing influx of migrants as meeting the dictionary definition of an invasion and very obviously does not see it as a problem. If you let a large number of people in to the country, give them food, shelter, warmth and money and do not use invasion protection systems such as the army and navy to stop it then you have an invitation. I’ll refer back to my previous posts concerning the Kalergi plan and would suggest that so obviously a greater plan is being carried out based around population migration, mixing and restructuring. It is just that the UK population have not been told about it and therefore quite correctly conclude something is wrong and the system broken. They have just not been informed.

The army, navy, MI5, MI6 and all the security services are letting it happen because it’s an invitation and part of the destabilizing of these once glorious lands.

With the latest Daily Mail article highlighting the increased current number of people living in the UK who were born abroad it’s obvious this in an effective and ongoing plan with no end in sight. At what point does the percentage destabilize the UK to unrecoverable levels? We’re on the way to finding out. Typically they’ve used NLP and turned it in to a jolly quiz and ignored the fact that it is a worrying trend for the majority of the population.

Let’s Start Looking At Solutions

So as always, once you accept and acknowledge you have a problem you can start looking at solutions. The solution to this problem will not be an easy one but we have to start somewhere. That naturally would be first stopping the current influx or at least having more awareness of it and control over it. Starting immediately with the problem of people getting off boats and disappearing before they can be rounded up and taken through the “appropriate channels”. Even if those channels don’t work.

Another high priority would be to investigate the RNLI and their directors. We need to know who they get their requests for call outs from regarding migrant boats. Also, why the RNLI volunteers are being sent out to intercept possible hostile individuals potentially putting themselves at risk and why there is no mention of aiding illegal immigration. If the general public did the same thing there would be outcry. I suspect they’ve been given the green light to do it from the government but again, the public are totally unaware of any behind the scenes agreements.

The Power of Veterans

Army veterans, ex soldiers and anyone who has served are a very powerful group. Especially ones who have seen active duty in war zones such as the middle east. As proud young men keen to protect and serve they often join up intending to make a difference, get sent to far off lands to fight for the queens honour and come back with a true understanding of what it is all about and how they were sold a pup. Veterans absolutely understand war, are proud and honorable and absolutely recognize and understand the sacrifice those before them made to keep these lands free and safe. Many are appalled at what is going on. They have the knowledge, the discipline, the drive and integrity to lead the way in defending these lands where as active duty soldiers have their hands tied and are bound by orders and the chain of command.

Veterans will also fully understand the implications of Liz Truss and Pesco.

By the People for the People

As so obviously the current government are not going to act maybe the time has come to create a new force to protect our borders. By the people for the people. In the past we’ve had the home guard, neighbourhood watch and in the US the Guardian Angels. Maybe the time has come to have a grass roots group patrolling the known landing sites on the Kent beaches and start standing up for this country and do the job our paid representatives refuse to do. I have no doubt if such a group asked for volunteers the response would be huge.

Army veterans are the ideal group to lead this.

This is just the nut of an idea and it would need serious consideration, thinking through and organization to set up a true grass roots force that can make a difference. It would also have to make sure it stays within the law and absolutely act correctly. I put the idea out there for discussion and consideration. I’ve said in the past the current problems will require us to think outside the box and be creative. Someone more knowledgeable that I with a good understanding of human resource management, logistics and even the application of military thinking and tactics would be a huge asset to such a venture and the UK.

The enemy will be using every trick they know to keep the current situation going on. I’m sure they’ll employ the best advice from Sun Tzu’s great book and all the emotional power and manipulation Gustave Le Bon and Edward Bernays ever came up with. Our heartstrings will be pulled, our good nature exploited and the power of Orwellian Doublespeak, NLP and such like fully employed on a daily basis.

Veterans. Your country and your people need you.

Peace to all.

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4 Responses to “The Invasion That’s Not an Invasion”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Why would someone so erudite as John spell ‘it’s’ incorrectly? Why do people not know any more that ‘it’s’ means it is. Not ‘of it’. I am seeing this misspelling quite often in the comments, even in a letter from my son’s former head teacher. Is this some kind of cultural attack on our language? I notice my wife’s accounting course is full of teaching her to report clients to government authorities, and obligations to provide information to government crime agency e.g. without informing the client. If she replies that such actions are illegal, she loses points on her course. Very clever and insidious. I dare not look through her books for spelling mistakes.

    • John says:

      Sadly I have to say I spent way too much time at school looking out the window dreaming of being somewhere else. I’m guilty as charged and promise to try harder. 🙂

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Well I know that Tap but I still sometimes get it wrong, more haste less speed

      But I don’t think that most folk care to be honest, textspeak is very common now. Clearly the precise meaning is lost as a result. I find it very frustrating though when precision is lost, leaving ambiguity. Even the comparatively literate “professional” modern folk mess up a lot now, journalists included! Give me strength

      Having witnessed the modern teaching methods that have been inflicted on my 4 grandkids in their, above average, CofE Primary school thoug,h I’m not surprised in the slightest. Their methods leave me speechless at times! Seeming to me to make it harder to learn with a cockeyed, more complicated, stupidity

      Even worse, the young teachers themselves don’t seem to even realise. They’ve had the same stupidity inflicted on themselves I suppose and so haven’t got a clue

      To cap it all there is the woke, nobody is ranked in any meaningful way, everybody gets the winners prize, moronic, and ongoing cultural catastrophe. I despair at times

  2. Tapestry says:

    The Albanians fly in via Dublin. Very few of the grand total come in on boats wearing life jackets. There is so much money in human trafficking that anyone who genuinely threatens the industry is themselves threatened. Our neighbours managed to get instant UK visas for her two young cousins from Zimbabwe. They spent one night here then went South to pre-arranged jobs at Amazon. How does that work? Some kind of inside connections?