Follow the money

This is UNSAYABLE. Hopkins on the migrant money machine.  Who needs to keep the truth silent?  They want to dilute the population – religious organisations, charities = corporations, political groups, all making money – a highly lucrative industry that must be protected at all costs.   Pictures of boats. Rioting migrants.  Farage presentations and videos.  His party is a limited company BTW as was Brexit where he and Tice cleared £10 million each according to some estimates.  All are on the make.  Farage points out why Suella Braverman (fake name?) was sent packing.  She opposed immigration.

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2 Responses to “Follow the money”

  1. danceaway says:

    ” Something is only a problem if it interrupts money or power”! Brilliant, Katie!

    I had no idea she had all her experience observing and living among migrant groups; or that she has been threatened; this is a powerful statement from Katie. She has quite a following, so let us hope many hear this.

  2. ian says:

    It is the power and the money which is facilitating the mass migration. The white traditional inhabitants of Britain and Europe are more of a potential problem to power and money, than other groups being shipped in. Kalergi initiated the idea, and many of the lackies of power and money, eg Teflon Tony, and Angela Hitler, have received the annual prize for integration of Europe, the Charlemagne prize. Immigration is part of the ongoing plan to destroy white cultures.