Sergey Lavrov Press Conference at G20 Summit November 15 2022 – Russian with English Subtitles

A magnificent example, once again, of Lavrov’s utter brilliance. An occasion from which western politicians would have turned tail and run away.

He is here to speak about the G20, but the reporters largely insist on hammering on about Ukraine, in  a  provocative, accusatory manner. Throughout, nevertheless, he maintains a cool response while at the same time unequivocally nailing the Russian position.

A disturbing element is the Russian apparent compliance with WHO and the belief in vaccines ( in opening statement.)


00:00 – Opening Statement

06:21 – “Is Russia ready to sign the G20 final declaration and agree on all its points? How will Ukraine be mentioned in it? Are the language in this document acceptable?”

10:17 – “Did the United States manage to turn the G20 summit, replace the global agenda, turning it into an exclusively anti-Russian platform, or were the opinions and voices of countries that came to Indonesia to discuss really important issues and problems heard behind closed doors?”

12:23 – “We always say that we are supported by those countries whose population is three-quarters of the planet, including those positions on building a multipolar world that Vladimir Putin spoke about at the Valdai Forum. What has been achieved here at the G20 forum? Whose support to enlist in the informational and diplomatic field? How might this look in the future?”

14:07 – “Did you discuss the future of the grain deal at your meeting with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres? Under what conditions is Russia ready to renew the grain export agreement?” 17:00 – “Western partners have recently been changing their rhetoric regarding relations with Russia. More and more often we hear the words “peace”, “negotiations”. In the EU, there are difficulties with the adoption of a new package of sanctions. What is it and what can be expected?”

18:21 – “Yesterday, the European Union officially launched a training mission for the Ukrainian military on its territory. How can this decision affect the further development of the Ukrainian crisis? Does this decision make the EU a direct participant in the conflict in Ukraine?”

19:58 – “Do you personally see the West’s signals to Kiev about the resumption of peace talks with Ukraine? In your opinion, what needs to happen for them to finally take place?”

22:29 – “Politico reported today that the State Department is preparing the ground for possible talks between Russia and Ukraine as the winter cold sets in. Are any practical contacts being worked out with Washington?

Yesterday you had a telephone conversation with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey M. Cavusoglu. However, no details were given on either side. Could you tell us what it was about? Is a face-to-face meeting being prepared?”