Prof. Delores Cahill – “Vaccines” are Human Pesticides

November 7, 2022

“They are basically planning, and are implementing, the destruction of each area of our society from within.”
Prof. Cahill holds an honours degree in molecular genetics from Trinity College Dublin and a PhD in immunology and biotechnology from Dublin City University. She has received international recognition for her biomedical research.
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In the video linked above Prof. Cahill said Covid-19 was the eighth planned “pandemic.” “There were many of these before including the ones that were stopped by Professor Wodarg,” she said.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg exposed and was instrumental in ending the 2009 Swine Flu Scandal.  His actions resulted in an investigation by the European Parliament “to look into the issue of ‘falsified pandemic’ that was declared by WHO in June 2009 on the advice of its group of academic experts, SAGE, many of whose members have been documented to have intense financial ties to the same pharmaceutical giants such as GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Novartis, who benefit from the production of drugs and untested H1N1 vaccines.”

In 2002, when the first so-called coronavirus pandemic – that never was – occurred Prof. Cahill was “looking at it in real-time.”  She was aware at the time that the side effects of the vaccines were all the areas that governments and the European Union were financially investing in.

“If you inject people, particularly children, with poisons – like mercury and aluminium – the toxic effects … are allergies, autoimmune disease, intestinal dysfunction like Crohn’s disease … infertility.  Mercury and aluminium are also neurotoxins so you have neuro-cognitive impairment that shows in Alzheimer’s… [or] autism,” she said.

Agenda 21 is the United Nations Agenda for the 21st century. It was published in 1992 and covers the period up to 2099. “So, it’s the agenda for this entire century … You have Agenda 2020, Agenda 2030, 2040, 2050.  And what is behind Agenda 21 is a detailed roadmap for every year from 1992 through the century,” Prof. Cahill said.  “They are basically planning, and are implementing, the destruction of each area of our society from within.”

The plan is very detailed.  It includes, for example, police turning on their vehicle sirens at random times or reducing street lighting at night with the aim to increase the levels of anxiety or feelings of insecurity within people…

For this decade, the aim is to vaccinate people in response to a “pandemic” and have coordinated media deception and intimidation.  “[The aim is] to make people very unwell to reduce their life expectancy and to kill people.  But, and this is why I spoke out, it seems this mRNA [injection] is designed to interfere with fertility in both males and females.  So, their plan … is to inject the younger generation … What we don’t know … [is] can they transmit the infertility agent through sexual intercourse,” Prof. Cahill said.  Their plan is to have a huge increase in infertility during this century, she said, “their aim is to collapse the number of people” by the end of the century.

There were infertility agents in the tetanus injections for decades, Prof. Cahill said, “and this was highlighted in Africa because they had the army coming into towns and villages over Africa injecting, forcibly … and they only injected tetanus [vaccines] into women ages 14 to age 45.”

The spike protein in the Covid injection acts in a similar way to the tetanus injection in that it seems to attack the lining and the sheath of the uterus. “That’s why there was a lot of clotting and heavy bleeding in people whether they were injected or not,” Prof. Cahill explained.

Combined with the HPV vaccine, the effect is that the body attacks the ovaries so there is a shrivelling of the ovaries in 10-15 years. “The girls that got the HPV vaccine at age 12 are going into early menopause [which also] has an impact on their fertility,” she said.

CahillAttemptedMurder-min-599500498.jpgLife Expectancy of the Vaccinated

In May 2020, during the interview with Dave Cullen on Computing Forever and again a few days later in an interview with Del Bigtree host of The Highwire, Prof. Cahill said that no mRNA injections were ever licensed anywhere in the world until 2020. The reason for this, Prof. Cahill said, was that:

“In some of the animal studies, all of the animals died.  But in a longer period after the injection … because it is priming the immune system and it takes months or years for the immune system to activate – all in a bad way – in order to then kill people … and I stand by [what I said in May 2020].  [What I said relates to] the mRNA injections – not all of [the injections] are mRNA.”

She explained that some batches of injections are placebos and others, because of poor mixing of the ingredients in the manufacturing process, may have very little mRNA. “But for people who get the mRNA, as I said in May 2020, that then primes their body to attack itself.  It is the immune system that is primed [and] may have homology to where ever the mRNA or the peptide or the protein is in their organs.  So, the immune system will attack that organ.”

“They will present to the medical system with unusual symptoms like an enlarged heart or sudden adult death or breathlessness or sepsis.

“What I said [in May 2020] was, for those with the mRNA, the time that they would die would be within 3 years to 5 years after the injection.  But it depends then how young they were, how healthy they were, and whether they had other comorbidities.

“So, that, unfortunately, is true.  Unfortunately.”

“If people have had multiple injections, there are toxic agents [within the vaccines] that have a different mechanism of killing people.  So, the ones we see in Open VAERS, of people who die within the first month … one in four dies within 48 hours.  And it probably is that they are dying with a different mechanism, that they are hyper allergic to ingredients that are in the injection like polysorbate 80 … or polyethylene glycol (“PEG”) or SM-102.”
Real Money versus Digital Currency

The Agenda started in a serious way in 1913.  Their plan has been implemented, in the background, for about two generations. “In a way, they have really implemented maybe 50% of the Agenda. So, this is a systematic and incremental and a nudge Agenda,” Prof. Cahill said.

Agenda 21, published in 1992, is a continuation of the same Agenda, and part of it is to undermine society from within. It’s a 108-year plan which is being rolled out incrementally so people wouldn’t be aware from one generation to the next that it was happening.  One of the main levers is the so-called vaccine and another is the banking system.

The plan incorporates undermining all aspects of society – whether it’s law, lawful policing, the education system, the health system, the regulatory system, the media current affairs, the government or the banking system, Prof, Cahill explained.

“Cash is freedom …  If you have money, cash money, you can just buy and sell and you can also earn a living in private. Privacy is very important in the law.  And proper money that actually has a value, and cash, is the way that men and women operate under the law, in private … We have an inalienable right to privacy.  If you have real money and cash that ensures privacy.”

If you want to undermine the law and undermine society, how do you do that?  It can be done through the banking system by interfering with gold-backed money and then attempting to track and trace everybody’s digital transactions, Prof Cahill said.

“And then move from a system where you can have ‘own your assets under the law’ and nobody can trespass on them or interfere with them, to a system where they try [to] transfer all of your assets into their system and they can then cut it off by any means.”

In their digital system, all our assets will no longer belong to us, they will belong to the banking system. So, they will own our assets.

“What we have under this Agenda 21 is an unlawful layer, in the banking system, on top of what we think is the lawful system … Everything they do is to increase fear and to impoverish people.

“This is a multi-generational program … if they can do it in one generation, the generation that is five-year-olds now, in 20/30 years’ time, will think it’s normal that real money and cash isn’t accepted.”

As far as the real money moving to digital currency part of the Agenda is concerned, “they’re [probably] halfway through [implementing it],” Prof. Cahill Said.
The Demoralization Agenda

“But I think what’s very hopeful,” Prof Cahill said, is “the whole thing is very simple to solve … No one is above the law … and if every man or woman is liable for any criminality they do, under the law, and no one is above the law.  Once people realize that we can actually stop this very simply.”

In other words, the solution is to hold each person – doctors, policemen, coroners, judges, and care homeowners – accountable in their personal capacity for what they have or have not done.

By way of example, in Ireland, there is an organization called the Irish Republican Brotherhood (“IRB”), the oldest political movement in Ireland. “We have reconstituted the [IRB] … and what we’re doing now – we have hundreds of people, thousands of people that are aware to solve all this – we just have to ask people that are paid as judges or regulators or the police: ‘is what you are doing lawful and what is your role?’,” Prof. Cahill said.

She gave an example of 10 care homes in Ireland in January 2021 where people died shortly after being injected with a Covid “vaccine.”  The local police constable is paid and has sworn an oath to investigate those deaths.

“We in society have a societal bond and that is that people cannot go around killing people [no matter who you are or the position you hold].  It’s very simple. And who do we pay to ensure people literally do not get away with murder? … When there are mass deaths, like 8 people [in one care home] within 48 hours, we then have to investigate and say ‘well, did the local policeman report that as a suspicious death, did the undertakers report it, did the owners of the care home [report it], did the people we pay, the coroners, did they investigate?’.

“For a coroner or a doctor to put the wrong cause of death on a death cert[ificate], that’s five years in prison for them for one case.  That is the law … If a family makes a complaint and the [police] don’t investigate whether the coroner is doing their job, or the people we pay as judges [don’t investigate] – it is the second highest crime of malfeasance, malfeasance in public office and criminal misconduct, for a judge to not investigate that type of crime.”

Why have people so far been unsuccessful in getting the police, for example, to investigate?

How Agenda 21 has undermined the rule of law, for the last generation, is by the courts, police, coroners and pathologists not operating lawfully.  “Within Agenda 21 they have a detailed program of analysing the psychology behind the criminal behaviour … [its] what’s called a ‘demoralisation agenda’,” Prof. Cahill said.

They want people to be unsuccessful in stopping criminal behaviour to demoralize populations so they feel “hopeless.” The unsuccessful legal actions of “freedom fighters” is part of the demoralization agenda to make it look like certain systems will not work.

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