Low budget Polish false flag is a farce.

The supposed point of arrival of the Russian missile.  A tipped farm trailer carrying a few wooden sleepers (not on fire) next to a trench dug by a back hoe,. with the dig out neatly in piles.  No damage to the tractor at all.  This is a total farce and quite clearly not the impact site of a Russian missile.  More like a scene from the Benny Hill Show, low budget television from the 1960s.  A totally amateur attempt at scene setting for a false flag.  WW3 deserves better than this farcical attempt at global deception.  If the Pentagon takes this seriously, it’s time to quit NATO.  We in the West are being run by imbeciles.

To see what Kalibr missiles do to targets try the below attack.  How come TV presenters are taking this seriously?  In explosions things like planks of wood are forcefully ejected.  How come they are neatly spread out falling back into the hole?  I think we know the answer.  Tyres would be on fire.  Tip the trailer back on its wheels and the tractor can carry on working as normal.  Not one wooden sleeper is lost.  Fill the hole back in.  That could all be done for $100 in a country like Poland.  No doubt a relative of the Defence Minister got the contract and pocketed $2000.  A nice day’s pay out there.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed in Kyiv | (tapnewswire.com)


3 Responses to “Low budget Polish false flag is a farce.”

  1. raymond says:

    OK I got it wrong . But the quality of Polish sausage has dropped so much in my local Pidl store that I just had to register my growing anger. I was hoping to disrupt the transport channel between Poland and the Fatherland but need to get stronger chemicals for my next effort.

  2. Mick says:

    To cover this poor production of a false flag attempt they came up with the ridiculous suggestion a Ukrainian missile did it after shooting at a Russian missile. But Poland is so very far to the west of the country, and much further west than any Russians need to be, that to hit Poland the Ukrainians would have had to fire at a missile that had already passed them; or they fired west themselves; or as the image suggests there wasn’t even a missile involved. No wonder the US said there’s no evidence to blame Russia after seeing that ‘ole.

    • sovereigntea says:

      US / NATO probably had AWACS E3 monitoring the airspace hence “there’s no evidence to blame Russia”.

      An E3 is of course present on the border of Ukraine today. see pic

      Another interesting angle to this is the dangerous and co-ordinated reporting of the pro WW3 British press.