iearlgrey is Speaking with Ania K about his First Humanitarian Visit to Donbass

Mike (iearlgrey) and John Mark Dougan are just back from their trip to Donbass. Mike has a bit of a throat infection, so his voice is lower than usual, so use the subtitles if it helps, as you do not want to miss a word of what he has to tell.

Just a few notes on this remarkable account:

What struck him as they crossed into LPR was the dilapidation; it was like going back in time 30 years. Tiny dwellings, lots of well-fed stray dogs.

The people are wonderful; beautiful new roads being laid at phenomenal rate; Mariupol Drama Theatre; incredible change.

He relates their experience of accidentally driving too close to the front line. Another time a missile struck across the road during the night. Mike’s military background is an asset in facing danger; it also helps him in relating to the military and civilians whom they met.

In answer to one of Ania’s questions he replied that it felt like being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. He plans to return in the vehicle which was gifted to him for this purpose.