A reader, Dave, writes to highlight a WikiLeaks file regarding the Canadian counter-insurgency operations manual. “It is a fifth-generation warfare manual that spells out the Canadian government’s plan to conduct extrajudicial killings of political dissidents for minor and arbitrary reasons,” he writes.

WikiLeaks released the file on 3 August 2009. “I have been sharing this file for years,” writes Dave.

In July 2009, Anthony Fenton wrote an analysis of the Canadian Forces’ counter-insurgency (“COIN”) operations doctrine. It had been in development since 2005 and was authorised by Chief of Land Staff Lt. Gen. Andrew Leslie in the waning days of the Bush administration, wrote Fenton. It was not formalised for another two months – six weeks after the inauguration of President Barack Obama.  Fenton’s analysis argued that the Canadian counter-insurgency manual reflects US-Canada “synergy.”  We mention Fenton’s article as readers may be interested in reading this analysis in addition to the letter below.

To The Exposé,

Absolutely shocking proof that covid was a planned genocide!

Here is the link to the Canadian counter-insurgency manual 2008: Canadian Counter-insurgency Operations manual, 13 Dec 2008, WikiLeaks

It is a fifth-generation warfare manual that spells out the Canadian government’s plan to conduct extrajudicial killings of political dissidents for minor and arbitrary reasons.

You will be considered a terrorist and killed with no process, rights or appeals if you are one of the following:

  • Egalitarians
  • Traditionalists
  • Reformers
  • Separatists

So, it’s nothing but unsubstantiated slander that gets you targeted and destroyed. You don’t ever need to commit any acts of violence at all.

But the real shock comes in section four* which describes how a fake viral pandemic could be used to fulfil all their objectives of isolating, immobilising, impoverishing, torturing and killing people on a massive scale.

I have been sharing this file for years.

Wikileaks has a whole collection of counter-insurgency manuals for all NATO countries.

These tactics are based on narcissistic abuse methods. The same methodology as satanism. The known tactics of psychopaths, narcissists and paedophiles.

Tell me you don’t recognise that this was the basis of the pandemic rather than scientific and medical best practices!!

The public needs to see this and I am being stonewalled at every turn.

Project Veritas are just the latest gatekeepers that have ignored this story for far less important news.

Please get this out.

The people deserve to know that NATO attacked us and now is trying to provoke a war with Russia to the same ends.


Dave M.

*Note from The Exposé: For ease of reference, we have copied and pasted below Chapter 2, Section 4, page reference 2-21 (or pg. 65) of the pdf file: Canada National Defence Land Force: Counter Insurgency Operations, 13 December 2008 (pdf), in which “COIN” is the acronym for “counter-insurgency”:



1. An insurgency may be compared to a communicable disease. The insurgent ideology and its popular support are spread through a population by exposure to the equivalent of risk factors: the exploitation of legitimate grievances, propaganda and the insurgent narrative. Agents for the spread of the “disease” are memes – behavioural practices passed on by imitation. Many individuals, especially young people, are not necessarily drawn to an insurgency out of ideological commitment but rather through social and cultural associations between family members and friends.

2. A communicable disease is countered through a holistic and systematic approach involving a wide range of means: changes to behaviour and the environment, such as the reduction of risk factors; isolation and quarantine; inoculation; and, treatment of the clinically infected.

3. Just as a communicable disease may be treated in a number of ways, we can extend the metaphor to illustrate how a COIN strategy may be applied to resolve an insurgency:

  • Changes to Behaviour and Environment. Just as the spread of a disease may be curtailed through changes to behaviour and the environment and the removal of risk factors, the same idea may be applied to stop the spread of an insurgency. Grievances and circumstances that fuelled the insurgency’s start and that continue to lend it credence and support must be resolved.
  • lsolation and Quarantine. Just as those who are infected with a disease are often quarantined, COIN forces and policies must seek to separate insurgents from the populace. This will firstly cut off support from the populace, but more importantly, will help preclude the “infection” of others and thus an increase to the insurgency membership. The insurgents must be isolated both physically and cognitively from the populace. ln the latter sense, this will rely upon defensive information operations and attacks against insurgent communication and propaganda means.
  • Inoculation. Those not infected with a disease are inoculated. Likewise, whilst legitimate grievances are being resolved, information operations will be needed to counter the ideological infection of the populace with the narrative and justification for the insurgency.
  • Treatment. Those who have been infected by a communicable disease undergo treatment, ln the case of those supporting an insurgency, a number of means may be required. ldeally, influence activities (information operations) may be used to persuade and dissuade insurgents and their supporters to pursue peaceful and legitimate means to resolve their grievances. lt may even be possible to convert some insurgents to support the military forces of the COIN forces. ln other cases, committed insurgents unwilling to surrender may have to be captured, killed or marginalized to the point that they are ineffective.

4. ln order to properly and effectively counter an insurgency, one must truly understand the motivations, aims, strategies and context of the insurgency. Moreover, one must understand the culture in which the insurgency is occurring. This is vital, for the overall goal of the COlN campaign is to solve root causes and to convince the vast majority of the populace to support a legitimate process and to reject the insurgency. This can only be done within the context of the culture at hand.

5. The solution to an insurgency is a political one, which will require a comprehensive approach incorporating a wide variety of agencies with the military in a supporting role. This is reflected in the philosophy and principles that frame the conduct of a COIN campaign.

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