A fighter rarely has to shoot from a machine gun, and you need to dig every day

Lieutenant Colonel NM DPR Baevsky announced the lack of shovels and gloves to the military of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
20.11.2022 10:25
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Soldiers of the Russian army as part of a special operation are experiencing deficiencies in various items, despite regular fundraising. Lieutenant colonel of the NM DPR, deputy of the parliament of the Donetsk People’s Republic Andrey Baevsky , in an interview with TASS, told what our soldiers lack.

Lieutenant Colonel of the NM of the DPR Baevsky announced a shortage of shovels and gloves for the military of the RF

He noted that the fighters of the RF Armed Forces are experiencing a shortage of ordinary shovels, axes, gloves, saws and hoes. Baevsky noted that in real life, a fighter rarely has to shoot from a machine gun, and you need to dig every day. Therefore, tools are no less important than weapons on the battlefield.

“In the same way, I regularly observe various briefings, video and printed manuals on shooting, tactical medicine, recommendations on the choice of bulletproof vests and unloadings. But I have not yet seen a single instructor who would convey to the military personnel long-developed recommendations on the engineering equipment of positions, ” he added.

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