1. ian says:

    I like that Lady. God bless her.

  2. Aldous says:

    Superb speech from a real and true Irish lady as opposed to the fakesters that are only Irish by way of a passport.
    Didn’t some Muslim wallah in the Scottish Parliament infamously once say in the House (of all places) that Scotland was too White? The brass neck cheek of the invader!
    Those 12 so-called ‘stars’ on the EUSSR flag are not actually stars but satanic symbols if you look at them closely enough.
    It’s much the same with the Stars and Stripes/Old Glory. It’s not actually the official peacetime flag of the USA but the wartime flag as ‘peace’ has never actually existed since the alleged end of the Civil War.
    The number of ‘stars’ remains at 50 (States) but Hawaii isn’t one of them. Or Alaska as far as I can recall. My mind is getting a bit slow but not as slow as some kids who can’t even locate the US on a Mercator Chart that is in most classrooms. Frightening or what? Don’t even bother to ask them what and where the States actually are but they’ll have no difficulty in finding their way around a laptop or smartphone.
    Overpopulation of Earth is a myth as (from memory) you can fit the 7+ BILLION into New Hampshire with all the infrastructure etc.
    Paradise Stolen – Episode 3 -The Myth of Overpopulation (8:19 – includes comments)

    I wonder how many people know that New York City was originally called New Amsterdam or that UK’s BoZo was born there? People’s ignorance about (especially) fairly recent history is truly frightening.
    Scorsese’s Gangs of New York is a film well worth watching if you have the stomach for it.
    Gangs of New York – Ending
    1,320,401 views 15 Aug 2009 Surely one of the greatest endings in modern cinema? – 2:37