Sunak – Inaugurated; no one voted for him, not the country, not the conservative party members, nor the parliamentary conservative party. He has been placed there by a coup of globalists, and as he as no support base of his own, he is entirely beholden to them and will do what he is told.( Johnson and Mordant were told to pull out, and the conservative party members were frozen out of the process. Sunak emerged without any election process whatsoever; same thing happened with Theresa May). This is a coup which has been carried out by a very powerful faction within the conservative party.

Already seen stories about what he is not allowed to change. He is now being warned very publicly, and is not going to change anything substantial in britain.As he has come to power through a conspiratorial process and not been elected by the parliamentary party, or the party members, he is now entirely dependent upon those conspirators. He is the creature of the people  who put him in power and he has no power to change anything.

Is he a caretaker PM? He is technocrat, follower of the current line, will not veer away from what the PTB want him to do. His job is to keep Britain on the “right” course. He has no vision. he is absolutely part of the globalist system, Steady as she goes, right over the cliff.

City of London as a financial centre is being gradually marginalised. Sunak represents globalist capital, which the City of London is only a minor part of now.

Every alternative has been knocked down – Corbyn marginalised. The globalists centres win out; our choice vs our choice.

Will do what US tells him to do; more escalation.

Lloyds insurance market will be obliterated. contrary to British interest, but this is what he will do. He is there to carry out the orders he is given.

Alexander gives him about a year; election; Starmer will come in with big majority.

He will be an enforcer, he will be even more repressive than anything we have seen thus far.

It is a very dark picture.