TEDS founder Robin Tilbrook interviewed by Voice Of Wales


With lots to discuss, this was a great interview with Robin.

Good interview giving lots of details about British politics.

Farage and Tice made possibly £18 million out of The Brexit Party.

Reform UK is not a party but a private limited company.

Parties that offer to stand down tactically seem to renege on the offers made.

Robin’s knowledge on British politics is voluminous, on all parties.

Comments on the Lib Dems leave interviewers in stitches – excellent!

Also knowledge on the judicial system, the appointment of judges based on their political views.

They have to favour state power, and multiculturalism.

Robin explains the English Democrats policy on immigration.

The Eds were the first to propose a points system.  So immigrants are useful to us.

The current system runs the other way around.

Deportation orders of Immigration Tribunals are rarely enforced.  7% or hardly any.

200,000 deportation orders are made every year.  then the case is told to come back for the reading of the decision.

None ever come back.

The British Establishment wants large numbers of people to come in.

Visas handed out 1.1 million last year which let in over 2 million people.

More people coming in in one year than came in over 1000 years pre-1939.

The British Establishment has an agenda is to get rid of our culture.

Over 6 million East Europeans signed up as permanent British residents after Brexit.  That makes it about 9 million have come in.

We are continually lied to about the numbers of people coming in.  They want to rub the noses of the right with diversity.

The Conservatives, the corporation, the universities are all in favour of it.

Criticising multiculturalism leads to intimidation.  We need to fight back.   He who fights can lose.  He who does not fight, has already lost.  Brecht.

We need people who will fight.

Horror stories about what happened to the interviewers who were falsely accused after an anti-vaccine dem.  They luckily had some footage although all their equipment was confiscated during home raids.  Otherwise they would have been jailed.  Police Officers lie.  Robin advising contacting The National Crime Agency who are not local.  Try contacting The Police Commissioner, says Robin.  He’s a Labour apparatchik.  Bring case about Police for perjury and malicious prosecution.  Time limited on bringing legal proceedings.  You might have a year.  Defamation is limited to a year.  Bring cases at up to 9 months afterwards.

It’s Communism in Wales.  Drakeford does not get democracy.  They won’t debate a topic.  Immigration?  you’re racist.  It means shut up.  Mao Tse Tung killed 95 million people.  Communism is not love.  It is the hammer with which we smash our enemies.  Free speech?  That’s hate speech.