Sputnik V NOT included on list of mandatory vaccines for mobilized Russians

Edward Slavsquat – Substack.com Oct 10, 2022

The Russian Ministry of Defense has determined that in the current “epidemiological situation,” COVID vaccination will not be required for mobilized reservists.

Explain.rf, an official information portal, writes:

The list of vaccinations is determined by specialists of the Ministry of Defense based on the epidemiological situation.

Now mobilized people are vaccinated against the following diseases: 

  • Flu
  • Hepatitis
  • Typhoid fever
  • ADSM (diphtheria and tetanus)

The Russian Ministry of Defense adopted a compulsory COVID vaccination decree for all military personnel in June 2021. On September 23, 2022, Explain.rf announced that this same decree applied to recently mobilized Russians:

Medical care for military personnel is a priority for the state. In accordance with the Decree of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Ministry of Defense dated June 18, 2021 No. 129, mandatory immunization applies to all categories of military personnel, including those called up for mobilization.

Vaccination is essential to prevent the occurrence of any epidemics. Therefore, it is mandatory for conscripts and military personnel and is carried out according to the vaccination calendar and according to epidemiological indications.

While mobilized reservists are subject to COVID vaccination, the Ministry of Defense has determined that mandating the shot is not necessary given the current “epidemiological indications.”

For the time being, mobilized Russians will NOT be required to receive “safe and effective” Sputnik V shots. The “epidemiological indications” could “change”—and this is something we will keep a close eye on—but there is no reason to doubt this new information provided by Explain.rf.

A few thoughts and observations:

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