1. Aldous says:

    A riveting <2 minute video which is easily watched by its short length. Less is often more.
    I've had contacts send me stuff that is so bloody long it virtually defends itself from being read or watched.
    Admittedly they say 'just watch it in segments' but it rarely happens as I know I can never get my 1 – 2 hours of life back which is fading fast.
    They mean well but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
    I've lost count of the friends I've warned to be wary of what they wish for in life in case their wish comes true.
    Money is surely the root of all evil and misery.
    I play the lottery very occasionally for a laugh but don't expect or even wish to win the 'jackpot' which is a banker myth anyway.
    Too much inherited or acquired wealth can be destructive. Someone won a few hundred thousand $ and bought a superbike which he crashed not long afterwards and died.
    Another lad won a small fortune and went ballistic with it. When his father died not long after, the money meant nothing and he topped himself.
    I could go on and on but won't as I need a whiskey.

  2. Aldous says:

    Gaddafi (RIP) and Putin are both good men. They’re not ‘saints’ as saints don’t make for very good politicians.
    I’m no saint and neither is wifey.
    She can be a real sod at times but what the hell?
    She’s far more switched on about foreign affairs and finance than me.
    There’s a lot going wrong and bad at the moment and friends are feeling the heat.
    She knows a lot of stuff that is way over my head.
    She gives advice for free of course and one person recently received a cheque for $25,000 after the advice she gave.
    Wifey doesn’t want or need anything in return.
    The spring in the step and smile on people’s faces is more than enough.