Proud Hindu replaces proud Zionist. The darkness closes in on the Christian world.

Formerly of Goldman Sachs.  Wife’s father the Bill Gates of India.

Idol worship.   Hindu deifies feminism and nature.  Elevating the female above the male.

The Goddess is worshipped in many forms in India.  Gods are pacified with blood sacrifices.

John Kitson interviewed.  Paganism is the future.

Child sacrifice.

Christianity?  Love thy neighbour.  Christianity demands justice for wrongs like murder and rape.

In Hindu belief, maybe your relative’s death/sufferings were simply karma.

John Kitson


Whatever they trot out to control us, the only certainty is that Jesus is given nowhere to go.

Who was Jesus?  Even the Christian churches have hidden the known historical sources such as The Dead Sea Scrolls.

He and his followers had communicated with the Godhead of the Universe, and wanted to stop the advance of Satan in the world.

He was betrayed not by one of the Iscarii, who were loyal but by Roman spies.

Rome wrote the New Testament, burying Jesus (Izas his real name – also Manu – Nasi in The Dead Sea Scrolls) inside a new religion called Christianity.

The Satanists fear his true spiritual power, his ability to drive out demons, and spend their earthly lives doing all they can to finish his continuing hold on the world.

That’s what the current political and military battles are all about.

Russia is Orthodox.  Ukraine is the ‘borderlands’ – ‘borderlands’ against what?  The Catholic Church, the remnant of the Roman Empire, the Satanic world.

Britain is lost inside the world of Satan.   Jesus is gone from our government, from our church (the church of england is no longer a church of belief), and from our culture.

I complained to my son’s school telling them he cannot see anything about God or Jesus in the curriculum anywhere – only sex education for eight year olds, Ukrainian flags and vaccines.

There is a new head teacher.  Suddenly he is seeing the return of Christian teachings – the old age method of keeping Jesus in check.  You can push back against the attempts to steal our actual lives and our spiritual inheritance.  But the Satanists are running rampant.

Now they are simply trying obliteration…King Charles offers no resistance to the advance to hell.  God is awaiting your call.

The asking price of the house was £295,000. We only had £5000, yet the vendor sold us the house. Are you listening?