The asking price of the house was £295,000. We only had £5000, yet the vendor sold us the house. Are you listening?

Like any traffic policeman or politician, we should be very sceptical about the motivations of anyone
wanting to be a church leader or exorcist. Certainly, I did not choose nor want this calling in my life and
yet when you find something to be true, you might cry at night in your bed about it, but to deny it is not
only unproductive but cowardice.

Some twenty years ago, together with my wife and young children, we
encountered what I can only describe as a ghost in our rather quaint, gothic house on the
Shropshire/Welsh borders. My thoughts were, if I lived a good life and ignored such things (if they really
existed at all) anything in the house could not affect us and would ultimately have to leave.

At the time I ran a small IT business and had reports from two of my employees, as well as a friend who worked for
Microsoft, of footsteps down the hall followed by either a choking or sitting on by some invisible person or
force. All this took place in the one spare room. Of course, when this finally happened to me it all
became very real and was not so easily ignored. The events became more and more frequent and
started to affect both my wife and myself and our children. In the end my wife decided to pray to God for help,
most unorthodox, but why didn’t I think of it?

Anyway, through a miracle we ended up with the main
deliverance minister (exorcist) for the Church of England in the West Midlands on our doorstep.

This formed the beginning of a most extraordinary journey that saw us as part of the newly formed Church of
England Deliverance Team (when they finally decided to respond to the growing needs of the people)
and then ultimately running our own apostolic church with locations in Wales and Scotland dealing with
the full remit of Christ’s work including the casting out of evil spirits.  Having being part of the Church of England Deliverance team for a few years, I can honestly say there
are very few people willing to suffer for others, and the excitement of pursuing and witnessing the
supernatural is no substitute for a loving heart that wants truly to see others set free regardless of cost to

How can the biggest enemy known to man – Satan, and the salvation of our very souls; necessary
to reconciliation with God and the evasion of hell; come second to any other pursuit down here on Earth?

I/we have truly seen some unbelievable things. I could enthral and regale you with tales of exorcisms
and manifestations and indeed I will share one more recent experience, but these only serve to prove the
truth I now know of the unseen world.  Please follow our story and see what you can learn from it in the context of your own life.


From a house in the UK and one in Dubai with a servant and four cars, God stripped us of almost
everything, leaving us to exist on under £100 per week.

Citizen’s advice said it wasn’t possible and the council accused me of council tax benefit fraud as they also concurred it could not be done. But through
divine leading, we lived off the land, growing almost all our own food, butchering and curing our own
pigs, carrying the scraps from supermarkets in the back of a small bicycle trailer, swapping produce for
Christmas presents for the kids and making wine from the hedgerows.

For periods we even lived without
electricity or running hot water, imagine no Internet or mobile phones! During these years we home
educated our children, and all grew in understanding of God and his ways. I have to say for all of us
these were fantastic days when the sanctification of the Lord truly led to a harvest of right living which
also formed a preparation for our ministry to the demonically afflicted. It is this ministry that has brought
such pain through intercession for the lost and at the same time persecution from the established church.
Sounds a little like Jesus and the early apostles.

Before any “easy grace” Christian brothers hit their keyboards with phrases like “his yoke is light”, “are
you trying to do it in your own strength?”, “demons don’t exist”, “even if they do, Christians can’t be
demonised” and the perennial classic “Jesus has done it all”. Let me counter this with words from Christ,
Peter and Paul warning us that we will be hated, that all Christians will suffer, that the path is hard for
those that choose this way, that you must give up all you own to be my disciple, that the world will hate
you, that you must die to yourself, you must pick up your cross and to deliver people is part of the Holy

Of the eleven remaining disciples, following Judas’s suicide, nine paid with their lives to
preach the gospel. Do you think these words and this persecution is purely historical? Do you believe
that times have changed, that humankind has finally evolved into all that God wants us to be? “Has
heaven come to earth are you already reigning with Christ, I wish that you were and I was reigning with
you” – 1 Corinthians 4:8. Surely the book of Revelation together with Christs’ description of the hearts of
men and women at the time of his return tell us otherwise. What is true, is that we have never seen such
comfort in the Western World as now and this temptation has nourished the heresy of the age as the
church of Christ water skis happily behind the secular speed boat of the world with permanent economic
growth, greed and multi faith (nice idea but two opposing states cannot both be true at the same time)
floating in its wake.

Like so many of Christs’ miracles their lasting legacy is to bring us
to the truth of who he is, divine and, therefore, the importance of his words. At its heart the Christian faith
is about love. Love for God and love for your neighbour. We can all talk a good game, the pews up and
down this country are full of people professing Christianity but really its only nice-ianity and when it costs

them something, their love is shown to be what it is, a sham.

Jesus says the truth will set you free. It is truth that we must pursue regardless of what our corrupt hearts might like to tell us. I believed Jesus’s
words were true and then when I acted on my faith and followed the leading of God, I discovered that he
would act in supernatural ways quite out of my expectation involving third party events and people I had
no control over. Like a scientist, my hypothesis moved into practice with consistent results evidencing
truth. More simply put, faith without deeds is dead and the book in the bible recounting much of this is
called “Acts of the Apostles” not a series of after dinner speeches by people who theoretically believe
God might exist. Christianity is and always has been a challenge to the authority over our very being, the

It is a battle between our self-determination and the will of God through his holy spirit. If we are
courageous and win this battle to free ourselves from the shackles of sin and selfishness, we can then
minister to free others. Not because we like the praise or think it brings rewards here on Earth, because
it doesn’t, but because we believe in, trust and love God and because our compassion will not easily
allow us to let even the most wretched brother and sister head to eternal damnation. All very hell fire and
brimstone, but I don’t know how else to properly convey the importance of our time down here.
Well, I promised an example of this work and so I will give one that is not yet concluded but shows the
leading of God and the power of the names Jesus.


About two years ago we were searching for a new building for our work in another region. As with all our
endeavours this was led in prayer and during the session one of the church leaders was given an image
of what the building looked like, complete with turret and ornate gable ends. After a few months of
unsuccessful searching, we stumbled on the very property literally only a stone’s throw from where the
initial prayer meeting took place. Unfortunately, of the £295,000 being asked for this almost derelict but
once grandiose building we were short of £290,000.

Again, on Gods leading we put in an offer of £500 per month rent with a payment of £280,000 in two years’ time. The estate agent forwarded it to the owner
who then asked us to visit him in his home to discuss the offer. Mr Singh (not real name) was a Sikh
doctor and property developer with over twenty properties in his portfolio. Before we reached his house, I
started to feal dizzy and quite ill, my condition deteriorated until in the car outside his home I needed to
be prayed for by my wife and colleague. Once inside his rather upmarket residence, I was determined to
keep the subject off the alternative use we planned for his property and on to the business

However, Mr. Singh had a different focus. Once he discovered we were Christians, he
bluntly told me his wife was possessed and asked if we could help. As a doctor, he knew the condition
was not medical but spiritual and had sought help from the Sikhs, Muslims and had even taken her to the
Himalayas in search of help from a supposedly powerful Guru. The symptoms he described all seemed
to start when she visited a hotel he owned and collapsed on the threshold and then on the return journey,
attempted to throw herself into the sea. This was several years ago and since then she would regularly
attack him verbally and physically, often losing any memory of such events, although no alcohol was
involved. Her change of character was destroying the marriage and frightening their children, any
mention of the hotel would cause an itching followed by unconsciousness. As all other avenues had
been exhausted, he told us he prayed a prayer to Michael the Archangel the week before, I replied that
Michael was busy, so God sent us!

Interestingly, since his prayer his youngest son, who has since gone on to have visions of Christ, started
drawing crucifixes on the walls and Mr. Singh himself then rolled his trouser leg up and showed us what
looked like a two-inch crucifix embedded under the skin on the back of his calf. “You’ve seen this sort of
thing before no doubt” he added. I certainly had not and still have not. I asked him to bring his wife
downstairs to meet us but, if she was possessed as he suspected, she would not want to come. Sure
enough, as he told me later, she said she F……g hated us and would not come, he replied “ahh he said
you might say this and so dragged her down the stairs”. His wife was somewhat younger than Mr. Singh
and appeared quite calm despite this but clearly ill-disposed by the meeting. Having said this, the
discussions went well and we agreed to return and talk about the situation further. The following week
whilst I was evangelising to them both in their living room and we were getting on well, suddenly a rather
different look came upon her, her eyes dilated, and a very different sounding Mrs. Singh manifested. The
demon told me to shut up in no uncertain terms and addressing her husband said it was going to kill him
and then her. I can’t remember all that was said but for a few seconds I was quite taken a back.

Regaining my composure, I commanded the spirit to be quiet and release her body in the name of Jesus
Christ. Instantly she collapsed as if unconscious on the sofa and then sat upright wandering what we
were all starring at. Mr. Singh was shocked “I can’t believe it, after all this time it was Jesus”.

In the two years since then we have discovered the hotel Mr. Singh owned was the scene of the murder
of a girl and, in prayer, God revealed this was not the first such happening there. His wife was so angry
with her mother-in-law and her decades of condescending and sometimes abusive behaviour towards
her (due to her being of a lower caste) that this murderous spirit residing in the hotel found a well swept
house in the form of his wife and moved in.

Both Mr. Singh and his wife have been baptised, they pray
and hear from the Lord and we are shortly going to India to visit relatives also now professing faith in
Jesus Christ.


This very short account does not reveal the hundreds of hours of ministry, the fight to
remove idols and Gurus from their home and their frustration at how long it all seemed to be taking. In
every deliverance the demon has a right to reside with the victim, if you fail to uncover this and lead the
patient to repentance then, even if the demon leaves, it will be back.

In one case, eight of us witnessed a woman dragged off a sofa onto the floor and spun by a demon, but
the reality is most ministry is less dramatic, though no less important for the person involved. Like Christ
you are rarely thanked or paid, in fact often there is a lot of abuse before freedom is realised.

I have mentioned persecution, but although there have been threats of violence, I have never been
physically assaulted, including when someone deliberately reversed their car into me but at very low
speed. In China, Iran and other places around the World the persecution of true Christians still goes on
today with beatings and imprisonments but in the West Satan’s tactics are different. Here, in our liberal
(for now) society Satan works more on our souls through psychological and demonic attacks around our

This probably sounds quite a flimsy claim at hardship but for those of us who have
experienced this Chinese water treatment it can seriously derail all but the most persistent follower. We
all have character weaknesses and Satan, who probably contributed to the development of them in the
first place, is a past master at hitting the bull’s eye every time. Like a boxer landing his blows consistently
where he first draws blood or a tennis player drawing his opponent into their weak shots, our very real
enemy is not to be denied or dismissed. I have seen one brother after another removed from leadership
or even have their ministry completely destroyed in this way. I once found a long-standing deliverance
minister of thirty years of experience with memory loss, in a daze and eulogising from an occult book
following a failure to stand against Satan’s wiles.

So, please apply below if you are interested. Pay is awful, conditions worse, rights are waived, death
possible and appreciation often not conveyed. Long term pension though is absolutely unbelievable,
heavenly one might say.

TAP – This is written by Steve a friend of mine who leads a hard life fighting against demonic possession, along with his wife and family.    They cleared our house five years ago, where we had been afflicted all our lives with demonic events of different kinds.  The house today is tranquil after possibly centuries of possession.  He wants others to join them in their work, as there is so much that needs doing in the world today, where most have no idea demons even exist.  I saw how the appeal to Jesus overpowered the demon and moved his effects away from our family home which was up to 1100 years old, releasing many trapped souls who were manifesting to us with sounds, violent effects on furniture and the like.  I don’t even believe every word in the bible myself (unlike Steve who does) and see that the New Testament was written by Josephus and the Romans after the Jewish Revolt which ended in AD70.  The history of the true Jesus or Izas is hidden by the Catholic Church, and the Dead Sea Scrolls which were written by Izas’ followers have been suppressed.  He is far more powerful against evil than appears in the Christian texts.  The Roman Empire like today’s empires was Satanic, and the power of goodness that is available to us has had to be hidden within the church, not broadcast and made available by the church.  Also the power of evil has been hidden leaving people as easy targets.

Steve writes from the heart – and is an engaging and passionate person, the like of which I was most fortunate to meet.  Trapped souls are humans who have died and need help with moving on to a place of rest, afflicted by demonic presences.  Unless living humans help them, they cannot move on, and are possibly permanently stuck.  By not dealing with the millions of trapped souls around us, by ignoring their pleas for help, by thinking ghosts are part of the entertainment industry, we give evil a free pass in the afterlife, and that evil then filters through into the world we inhabit now.  We can only help the spirit world while we are alive as humans.  Evil is hidden by the media, by the churches and given control of our beautiful earth by default.  Only if more dedicated people will join Steve and his dedicated family, can we unravel the torment the earth is beset with.

He started this piece of writing in these terms –

Deliverance from evil spirits

If I could have seen myself sitting here writing this in my beautiful Greek villa on a rather beautiful Greek
island some twenty years ago, I might have thought I had lost the plot and taken on the prosperity
gospel. The truth is far from this. The pain that my wife, children and myself have gone through since
God led us into deliverance (or more theatrically to become an exorcist) cannot truly be expressed.

Maybe the fact that out of the seven of us in my family in the beginning, including my brother, four of us
at some point or other have prayed for God to end our lives…..

Any one who wants to contact Steve and his family can do so via comments below or emailing Tap News.



3 Responses to “The asking price of the house was £295,000. We only had £5000, yet the vendor sold us the house. Are you listening?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    The problem for the people like Steve who operate alone or as a family alone, is that they fear the community around them…..for good reason, as most are captivated by their financial success and want to maintain the system that rewards them materially regardless of the permanent spiritual price they and the rest of us pay. Until you have met someone like this, and seen with your own eyes what demons can do, it is of course hard to fathom, as nothing will appear in front of you about this in any school, any bookshop, any church, any university, any television programme, any newspaper or any political party. That’s because the true content of our lives – the spiritual part – has to be made so confusing that few can unravel it all. Yet it is very simple.

  2. Weaver says:

    Fortunately, I have never had any experience with demonic possession but it is interesting to know that people help with the deliverance of demons. A well-written story about sacrifice to others.

  3. ian says:

    A fascinating article. Absolutely.