7 Responses to “Issue 26 of The Light – downloadable; 28 pages”

  1. Weaver says:

    Brilliant paper

    • ian says:

      Indeed it is Weaver.
      Was at the doc’s this morning. Can you wear a mask, the receptionist sitting behind a 6 foot high plexiglass screen asked me. I said no I don’t wear them. She literally raised an eyebrow, and I smiled inwardly at how my words came out. I am often more apologetic than I mean to be. That’s fine then, take a seat she said. I was going to reply that I didn’t want one as I’d plenty at home, but decided discretion was better. My Doctor called me. She looked old, and was masked right up to the eyes. I have been getting abdominal pain on top of my withdrawal symptoms, so she subjected me to a frozen handed prodding of the belly. Again I was going to ask if it was good for her too, but knew it would be lost on her. Her assessment was back of the full dose of Citalopram until next summer, (no drink), luckily she never mentioned heroin. Up my dose of everything else they’re trying to kill me with, and blood tests to see how they’re getting on with it. There was a lot of multi directional despising going on too.
      Hey Ho.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Classic! The quack lived up to expectations

        At least she actually touched you physically. That used to be the very first thing that they did, they always started with a quick physical examination

        In my, admittedly limited, recent experience then, they sometimes don’t even look at you!. Just stare at a damn screen and talk

        For what its worth Ian, my missus, who is something of an expert on cutting down, says that she’s always cut down VERY slowly and has never really suffered badly in the reduction phase. The only reason that she’s ever stepped back up is that the depression which was why they were prescribed in the first place, returned

        I’ve said before Ian, that her advice to you would be:

        Cut down slowly
        Don’t cut down over winter
        Don’t fret if you have a setback and need to step back up a bit

        Good luck mate

      • ian says:

        Thanks Pete, You’re easier to deal with than the Doc. I was going to say that you’d a better bedside manner, but don’t want to start tongues wagging.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Ha ha ha!

        I’m far to old to worry about that Ian, I don’t really care what anybody thinks of me anymore. I’m a confirmed Red [personality type] too, so I never really did care much about that anyway. I didn’t let much get in my way when I’d set myself a course, that’s for sure ;-))

  2. Aldous says:

    Hi danceaway, I can’t get that hyperlink at the top to work but this one does:
    Back Issues: https://thelightpaper.co.uk/archive

    @ Ian and Pete
    Regarding the demon drink and going cold turkey, a lady doctor once strongly advised me not to cut out completely but just cut down. Apparently people do die from total withdrawal symptoms.
    I remember abstaining completely for 6 months (for some reason years back) and didn’t enjoy it one bit. I think I was in the air a lot at the time and didn’t trust myself near the bottle as you
    you could be breathalyzed at any time and giving a negative meant looking for another job if not career. Regards.

    • pete fairhurst says:

      Hi Aldous

      I expect that is correct, I’ve been told before to drink red wine most days [small glass] which is better than abstention. But I just gave it up a few years ago regardless

      I don’t miss it, abstinence doesn’t stop me enjoying a party at all. I just tend to skip the early hours dribbling, and verbal diarrhoea, stage now

      But I have suspect that you’ve misinterpreted our conversation. It’s been primarily about SSRI drugs and giving them up, not alcohol. They seem to be even more addictive than alcohol too tbh. As Ian and my missus can testify. She’s cut them down by 70% but has struggled with that last 30%. She cut out the booze easily in fact. It made sense for her too given that long term pharma use combined with plenty of alcohol isn’t a great idea for your liver

      Thanks for your concern Aldous