Graphene Oxide Video

Graphene oxide and a whole lot more

There are lot of articles and videos looking into graphene oxide but for me this one pulls a lot of info together. Graphene oxide, nano antennas, nano routers, parasites and parasitic energy harvesting. It’s all in there.

The video is produced by Radiation Matters. I’ve watched a lot of deep stuff but his information takes deep to a new level. Check out his channel on YouTube.

If the video is correct then we’re facing something far bigger and more serious than a “virus”. But as we know, the elites always tell us what they’re up to in print, broadcast or entertainment.

Transformers – robots in disguise. Cybertron may be coming to earth in the very near future.

Information about the true nature of who we are and where we find ourselves is flowing out at a phenomenal rate. I believe we truly are waking up. What the elites need now is a massive trauma to put us back to sleep. Something like a very convenient war.

Peace to all.